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President Benedict Arnold


Allen West


June 18, 2024

It is the name that is associated with one single word, traitor. Benedict Arnold started out as a patriot and one who served our revolutionary efforts very well. However, Arnold became bitter when he felt that he had been snubbed for promotion and that others were taking credit for his exploits. George Washington believed in Arnold and gave him command of the highly important Fort at West Point that guarded the entrance into the Hudson River valley. Arnold unfortunately decided that he would place his ego over duty and planned to turn the fort over to the British.

The British officer with whom Arnold had been colluding was captured by the American forces. The documents he carried laid out the plans for Benedict Arnold’s handover of West Point to the British. Somehow, Arnold found out that his plot had been uncovered and he escaped…to join with the British and fight against his former American brothers. After the war, Arnold went to England, where he was never really accepted. Rightfully so. Who would ever trust a traitor? His life was one of mediocrity and misery, and he died at the age of 60 in Canada.

So, why do I tell this story? Perhaps some of you have connected the title of this missive to the story of Benedict Arnold.

Just recently, there were eight Tajikistan nationals apprehended in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. They have claimed allegiance to ISIS and were openly discussing bomb-making. This comes on the heels of the Islamic jihadist illegals who were apprehended trying to drive through the barriers at Marine Corps Base, Quantico. These Tajiks had come into our Country illegally over the open southern border. They were released into the Country—yes, single military-age males from a Country just north of Afghanistan. Afghanistan, where we turned that Country back over to the very same Islamic jihadists we fought to remove…courtesy of our very own Benedict Arnold, Joe Biden.

In the early months of 2021, Joe Biden enacted a series of unconstitutional executive orders, 90+, to undermine our national sovereignty. Just the same as Arnold sought to turn over the critical fort at West Point, Biden turned over our border to transnational narco-criminal terrorists called the cartels. Just the same as Arnold, Biden gave back an entire country, including the cherry on top of $80B of US military equipment, to the Taliban. Biden ensured the five senior members of the Taliban, whom Barack Hussein Obama released from GITMO, were restored to power.

If there was ever a clear-cut case of a high crime and misdemeanor punishable by impeachment, it is enacting an open borders policy. A policy that has resulted in drug trafficking that has killed over 100K Americans—more than the Korean and Vietnam War losses combined. A policy that has inflicted the scourge of human and sex trafficking upon our Republic, where in Dallas, we are the #2 city for sex trafficking in America. And now, a policy that has placed America on its most heightened state of alert for Islamic terrorist attack—at a time when we have mindless lemmings on our streets shouting praise and support for Hamas and Hezbollah.

And for some odd reason, Joe Biden is not being held accountable for allowing hundreds of thousands of single military-age males to invade our Nation. We found these eight, but how many are here that we do not know of? We are told there are some 1.5M to 2M illegal immigrant “gotaways.” These numbers are staggering and exceed the current active duty strengths of our Army and Marine Corps. This is because Biden’s failures and disrespect of our military, along with his DEI and gender dysphoria focus, have depleted our ranks. However, never fear; U.S. Senator Dick Durbin says we can just enlist the illegal immigrant males…like the eight from Tajikistan, into our armed forces.

If there was ever a good description of a modern-day traitor, it is Joe Biden. Biden took an oath to uphold our laws. He is not. Joe Biden is supposed to protect the American people, but signing a ten-year deal with Ukraine is more important. Joe Biden IS the threat to our Constitutional Republic and our representative democracy, as he wants illegals, such as the eight from Tajikistan, to be counted in our census.

What better example of a high crime and misdemeanor than to purposefully and intentionally open up our borders to allow terrorist infiltration? Joe Biden is in violation of the Guarantee Clause, Article IV, Section 4 of our rule of law, the US Constitution. And we are supposed to reelect a traitor?

Let’s be honest: anyone who concurs with this open-borders policy is also guilty of treason.

How did we get to this point in America? Name another nation that would turn a blind eye to tens of millions illegally entering their country and violating their sovereignty. Benedict Arnold plotted to turn the fort at West Point over to the British. That fort stood guard against British invasion into the upper Hudson Valley. Joe Biden has turned fortress America over to our enemies, and Americans are dying. Remember, Laken Riley would still be alive save for Biden’s open borders policies.

In this day and age of politics, it appears that everyone is looking for disparaging monikers to describe their political opposition. It is not disparaging, denigrating, or demeaning to refer to Biden as “Traitor Joe.” It is indeed what he is, sadly so, but the truth must be told.

If America decides to reelect a traitor as its “leader”, then we do indeed deserve the inevitable result…the fundamental transformation and potential loss of America.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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