An ACRU Special Report:
The Truth About Gun Control, Racism and Genocide

Gun control was used for centuries in the Americas to deny slaves the ability to conduct armed rebellions. Even free blacks were denied guns out of fear that they would give weapons to slaves. During the Jim Crow era, gun control laws were enacted throughout the South to deny blacks equal citizenship. One of the principal missions of the Ku Klux Klan was to confiscate firearms from blacks.
This eye-opening paper also reveals that each of the six greatest genocides of the 20th century, in which a million or more people were murdered, was preceded by gun confiscation. In Cambodia, the Soviet Union, and China (twice), gun control laws disarmed the entire population. In Nazi Germany and in Muslim-run Ottoman Turkey, gun control laws targeted the people marked for extermination: Jews and Armenian Christians. Totalitarians know that a defenseless population cannot resist.
Disarmed people are also helpless against armed thieves and thugs, especially when the government has broken down and chaos reigns, as we’ve observed recently in the United States.
The ACRU provides this special report, “The Truth about Gun Control”, as ammunition against the imposition of unconstitutional laws that benefit only tyrants and criminals.