America’s Owner’s Manual: How our Founders Framed our Future with the Constitution of the United States

The Declaration of Independence

The Congress

The Congress in Practice

The Presidency

The Presidency in Practice

The Courts

The Courts in Practice

Other Articles, Including Amendments

Bill of Rights

The Remaining Amendments

Praise from Former U.S. Attorney General

Edwin Meese III:

“The Founders of our Country gave us a great Constitution, which established the structure of our government and the principles for operating it. But the Constitution does not belong to the government; it belongs to the citizens of our nation. That is why it begins, ‘We the people.’

“To enable us to understand and use the Constitution, the American Civil Rights Union has published an ‘Owner’s Manual,’ which explains the various provisions of our Founding Document and how it affects us all. In an entertaining and informative way, the Constitution becomes real for the listener. It is an invaluable tool for constructive citizenship and the preservation of liberty.”

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