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American Constitutional Rights Union condemns censorship and warns it is the first step in the march of totalitarianism

American Constitutional Rights Union and American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund unequivocally condemn any and all actions by government officials, the private sector, and government officials in collusion with the private sector, to limit, suppress or censor free speech of any American citizen or organization.

ACRU Applauds Texas Lawsuit Accusing Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin Of Allowing Unconstitutional Changes To Voting Protocols

American Constitutional Rights Union supports the lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court of the United States by the State of Texas on Monday, December 8, 2020, accusing their state executives and judiciary of unlawfully interfering with election processes without consent of state legislators.

Media Availability: Lori Roman, Election Fraud Expert and President of the American Constitutional Rights Union

The American Constitutional Rights Union has spent the past decade focusing its efforts on election integrity and fighting voter fraud. ACRU is well known for suing localities over voting registration irregularities and a failure to clean up voter rolls. ACRU famously sued Broward County, Florida in 2016 and forced them to clean up old voter registration rolls of people who no longer lived in the county.