Allen West: Committee to Support and Defend Monthly Muster Meeting and Memorial Day Event

This week’s update from ACRU and Committee to Support and Defend Executive Directory Allen West. Don’t miss the monthly veterans muster. This online event will bring you up to speed on how we can continue to honor the oath and protect our constitutional legacy. You can register here. Also we will be at Sendero Shooting Sports in Belton, Texas for a Memorial Day Muster May 28, 5 – 8 PM. please join us there for a family friendly event where we will be honoring out veterans and celebrating this great country.

Allen West: You’re Invited to a Memorial Weekend Muster

The woke folks at Eventbrite canceled the Committee to Support and Defend’s (a project of ACRU) registration system because ACRU and CSD Executive Director Allen West is hosting the event at a shooting range. Strange, but the brave men and women we are honoring at this event use weapons to secure our freedom. Thanks to the good folks at Sendero Shooting Sports in Belton, Texas, we are proceeding full speed ahead, with or without Eventbrite. If you are in the area, we would love to see you there. If you can’t attend, but would like to support the event, you can make a donation or purchase sponsor tickets for a servicemember and their family here.


Allen West: It’s Time to Become a Modern-Day Son of Liberty

On April 19, 1775, some men took the field at Lexington Green. Those Sons of Liberty fired the shots heard around the world. They fought, and now we’re the longest-running constitutional republic the world has ever known – these United States of America.

Today, our rights, freedoms, and liberties according to the Constitution are under assault from the Progressive left. We need your help to continue the fight. Consider joining the Patriot Club today to protect our liberties.