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The American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) is dedicated to defending the constitutional rights of all Americans. ACRU stands against harmful, anti-constitutional ideologies that have taken hold in our nation’s courts, culture, and bureaucracies. We defend and promote free speech, religious liberty, the Second Amendment, and national sovereignty.

Attorney General Edwin Meese III, ACRU Director

Attorney General Edwin Meese

“As Attorney General in the Reagan Administration, I committed myself to conserving and expanding freedom. It was my position that our Constitution, its text, and the original intention behind it, demanded nothing less. To argue otherwise would be to risk, as Abraham Lincoln said, “blowing out the moral lights around us.

That’s why I’ve, again, taken up my sword in defense of our Constitution and am fighting a very real and present danger to our nation. I serve on the board of an efficient and important organization, the American Constitutional Rights Union. I believe strongly that partnered with ACRU we have a real chance to preserve the freedoms and liberties we hold dear.”

Leadership Updates

President’s Corner

Supreme Court Stands Up for Religious Liberty

We’ve been fighting for religious liberty and the freedom to worship since our founding. It’s our first and arguably, most precious natural right.

The American Constitutional Rights Union filed an amicus brief in support of Coach Joe Kennedy, who lost his teaching job because he knelt and said a quiet prayer by himself after a football game ended. The Ninth Circuit noted that, because Coach Kennedy taught and coached football at a public high school, his prayer was government speech that has no First Amendment protection and that, even if his prayer was private, the City would violate the Establishment Clause if it allowed the prayer to continue.

It is truly appalling that government expects an individual to turn off their deeply-held spiritual beliefs when they report for work at a public establishment.  It is beyond shocking that our courts are upholding this attack on one of our most fundamental natural rights, the freedom to practice religion. Should public employees have to choose between their faith and a job?”

We applaud the Supreme Court of the United States for doing its job and deciding in favor of Coach Joe Kennedy to exercise his freedom of religious beliefs. This is what a constitutionalist Supreme Court is all about. Please join us to continue the fight to protect the core values of our great Constitutional Republic.

By |June 27th, 2022|

Colonel’s Constitutional Brief

‘By Any Means Necessary’

The US Supreme Court has issued several landmark decisions in the past week. These decisions have clearly evidenced the constitutionalist nature of this Court. In so doing, it has truly angered the progressive socialist left who believe that the court only exists to rubber stamp their ideological agenda. When the left takes to the streets and shouts, “no justice, no peace,” the message they are conveying is that only conformity to their ideological agenda, and defined rights shall be tolerated. Anything else will result in exactly what we see occurring now, violence.

To witness so-called members of the US legislative branch declaring that the Supreme Court should be defied, or to see them asserting that the Supreme Court is not credible, and having the sitting chief law enforcement officer in our Republic, the Attorney General, publicly assailing the Supreme Court is all rather disconcerting.

So now, instead of a system of checks and balances, we have two branches of our government openly attacking the third. So much for the principle of coequal branches of government. And to say that Justices should be impeached for “lying under oath” is somewhat laughable when one considers Bill Clinton, Anthony Fauci, James Clapper, and a few others whom the left embrace. The Dobbs case was brought before the SCOTUS from lower court referral. SCOTUS nominees should not be held to making rulings during confirmation hearings upon hypotheticals. As a matter of fact, leftist SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown-Jackson avoided any future case hearings on gender dysphoric athletes by her quite imbecilic response to not being able to define what a woman is.

Now, thanks to the progressive socialist left, we have open calls for the assassination of Supreme Court justices, with one already arrested for such. We have calls to pack the court with four or more justices, which of course right now would be leftists. There are even those on the left calling for the dissolution of the US Supreme Court, again, one of the three branches of government, the judicial, Article III of our Constitution.

Well, so much for the leftist narrative about protecting the institutions of our “democracy.” For the left, democracy means mobocracy. America is a constitutional Republic, and Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution states that the federal government is to guarantee to each state in the Union a “Republican form of government.”

The Machiavellian left has fully embraced the mantra of “the ends justify the means.” For the leftists in America that results in the belief, “by any means necessary.”

If there was any time we needed the American Constitutional Rights Union, it is now. Believe me, if leftists could shut down this organization and silence our voices they would. History has taught us that, if necessary, the progressive socialist, Marxist, leftists would line us up against a wall. The militant radical leftist group Jane’s Revenge has already threatened that if murdering unborn babies is not allowed, we are not safe.

These are truly the times which are trying our souls.

Steadfast and Loyal.

By |June 28th, 2022|

Allen West: We Need Your Help to Protect Our Constitutional Liberties

An important request from ACRU’s Executive Director LTC Allen West (ret.) If you believe America is the last great hope for freedom, we need your support to fight against attacks on our liberty, our elections, and the Constitution itself.


Hans von Spakovsky: Thomas Fires Warning Shot at Media, Organizations That Lie About Conservatives

By |June 30th, 2022|

If you are a private figure and The New York Times or the Southern Poverty Law Center publishes a lie about you, you simply have to prove that the statement was false and harmed your reputation. The fact that the publisher didn’t know or care that the statement was false is irrelevant. But if you are a “public figure,” you not only have to prove that the statement was false and harmed your reputation, but that the statement was made “with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.” And the definition of who is a public figure constantly has expanded since 1964.

Allen West: Stand for Election Integrity

During the 2020 election cycle, we observed unconstitutional actions. Governors and judges in many states like Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Texas to name a few, made unconstitutional changes to election law. As we know, only the legislative branch are empowered to make laws at state and federal levels.

We want to make sure we don’t have a repeat of some of the things we saw happen in the 202o election. We want you to join with us at the ACRU and come out and stand for election integrity by becoming a poll worker or poll watcher. Sign up in your respective state using our website to help you get connected.


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The ACRU fights every day to protect Americans’ most cherished constitutional right — the ability to vote in free and fair elections. Our belief is simple. It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat.


Hans von Spakovsky: This Supreme Court Ruling Will Prove Vital to Defending Voter ID

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Arizona woman admits guilt in ballot collection scheme

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Von Spakovsky: Latest Cases of Election Fraud Underline Need for Vigilance and Action

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Allen West: Everyone and Everything Is Racist….if You Disagree With the Left

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The American Constitutional Rights Union is watching our elected officials to hold them accountable for rights abuses and government overreach. Americans treasure basic natural rights, like the right to attend church, gather publicly or in their own homes, and travel freely within the United States without new government “passports.” In short, Americans have the right to live their lives without government intervention at every step.

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The Truth About Jim Crow

As the Left shamelessly schemes to prevent election integrity measures in state legislatures and abolish them with a federal power grab (H.R. 1/S. 1), their propaganda includes references to Jim Crow laws of the past. ACRU educated the public on this issue some years ago in our publication “The Truth About Jim Crow.”

We encourage you to download this important publication and share with others. It is important to remember the history of Jim Crow and to know that it has nothing to do with present day voting integrity laws. We all should agree that it should be easy to vote and hard to cheat.

ACRU Live Free Minutes

Is protecting the very things that make this country great worth 60 seconds of your time? Great! Check out the American Constitutional Rights Union’s Live Free Minute recordings and learn more about the freedoms and liberties that make this country great — and why it’s so important to protect them.

Religious Freedom

ACRU Executive Director LTC Allen West (ret.) explains the dangers of government intrusions on religious liberty. When government uses crises like the COVID pandemic to impose unconstitutional restrictions on individuals’ rights, true freedom is at risk.




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