American Constitutional Rights Union Remembers and Honors ACRU Policy Board Member Professor Walter E. Williams


Walter Williams


December 2, 2020

Naples, FL. The Board, leadership and staff of American Constitutional Rights Union mourn the loss today of Professor Walter E. Williams, an honored and beloved member of the ACRU family. Professor Williams served as Policy Board Member and advisor to ACRU since its inception.

ACRU Policy Board Member Ambassador Ken Blackwell was a personal friend of Professor Williams for many decades. Remembering Professor Williams today, Amb. Blackwell notes, “Walter’s loss is deep and personal. He believed in the power of liberty and he worked every day of his adult life to harness government and optimize individual liberty.

“He was a legendary thinker, and even though he was himself a teacher, he often said he never stopped learning. Walter learned hard lessons growing up in a tough Philadelphia neighborhood, but used every life experience to teach self-reliance, dignity and hard work.

Amb. Blackwell concludes,”Walter leaves a written legacy that serves as a map for every generation to follow. He knew no pessimism or despair. He only knew hope, and the ascendance of the human soul.”

“Professor Williams was an irreplaceable American icon,” adds Susan A. Carleson, ACRU Chairman. Patriot, friend, supporter. Kind, decent, sharp-witted. Walter’s brilliant prose and relentless defense of individual liberty and Constitutional freedom should be a beacon and guide star for every American who stands in defense of our founding and our national values.”

We are grateful for Walter’s long support of ACRU and our mission to defend Constitutional liberties. As we miss our dear friend, we also celebrate his legacy and treasure his memory.

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