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The Other Political Races


Allen West


January 16, 2024

“All politics is local” — 47th Speaker of the House, Thomas Phillip “Tip” O’Neill Jr.

Although the aforementioned quote did not originate with Speaker O’Neill, he is the most famous for using the quote that some say originated in 1932. The sentiment is clearly understood. Right now, everyone is completely focused on national elections, such as the presidential race. I would offer that we need to adhere to the wise counsel of Mr. O’Neill and realize how important and vital participation is at the local level for municipal races. I have often asserted that the most important elected position in America is not president, congress, senate, or governor. The most important elected position in America is the school board. If there was anything positive that came out of the COVID fiasco, it was the realization of that premise. Yet, if one does an analysis, you will find that school board races, among others, have the least amount of voter participation, and emphasis. School board races are critical because it is about shaping the future, as we’ve seen in a number of localities where parents have taken control back. The progressive socialist left has always understood that, hence the focus on indoctrination of our young people, no longer education, where America is falling far behind the rest of the world.

We must begin to focus on the other political races, especially in this primary season. Too many will vote in a primary, select the top of the ticket, and leave. These are the same folks who then wonder why things are so screwed up in their state, county, or city. I would offer that there are a multitude of individuals who can tell you all about who is running for president in the GOP primary but have no idea who their State House/Senate representative is, or their County Commissioner, and City Council member.

However, here in my State of Texas, the winds are changing, and folks are indeed paying attention to the other political races.

In this 2024 Texas GOP primary season there are a record number of challengers to Texas State House GOP incumbents, some 50+. That includes the sitting Speaker of the House. There have been several State House GOP incumbents who decided to not run for reelection. The issues have been a lack of regard and adherence to the Republican Party of Texas legislative priorities. Examples include the failure to pass legislation preventing foreign adversarial entities (China) from purchasing land in Texas, failure to pass school choice, failure to pass border security legislation that would have created a Texas border protection unit, and failure to pass property tax reform . . . but the Texas State House  majority Republican-controlled — did manage to impeach the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

Everyone talks about election integrity and that is another concern here in the Lone Star State. However, the Texas Criminal Courts of Appeals, all Republican, decided 8-1 to strip the Attorney General of the enumerated power to prosecute cases of voter fraud. They gave that power to the respective County District Attorneys. Well, the major population counties in Texas — Harris (Houston), Dallas (Dallas), Travis (Austin), Bexar (San Antonio) — have DAs that were supported by one George Soros. I sincerely doubt that there will be any prosecutions of voter fraud. As well, I can speak of Dallas County where I reside, there are no elected Republicans in any county-wide position. Who determines the elections supervisor in Dallas County? Yep, the County Commission.

Just so you know, in this coming 2024 election cycle, there will be 75 percent of the county-wide elections in Dallas County unopposed. Not exactly a reflection of Tip O’Neill’s quote. Even more disconcerting is the fact that there are 73 percent of judicial elected positions in Dallas County that will be unopposed in this election cycle. Ol‘ George Soros and his pal Robert Francis O’Rourke did a bang-up job in Texas back in 2018; they flipped over 55 judicial positions in two targeted areas — Houston and Dallas.

If constitutional conservatives do not start adhering to and understanding Tip O’Neill’s sage advice, we will find ourselves losing red states. Leftists understand the importance and power of state and local-level political positions. If we continue to see major urban population centers in red states controlled by leftists, well, it is only a matter of time. Those population centers are exactly where you will find the greatest examples of failed leftist policies: fiscal irresponsibility, lack of law and order, abhorrent public education, and economic stagnation.

Yes, the presidential election is exciting, and the media bombards us with all the theatrics 24/7. But, what level of governance makes the decisions that affect your life the most? The Founding Fathers never intended for it to be at the federal level. The Constitution of the United States is a restrictive document on the enumerated powers of the federal government. The Tent Amendment, last in our Bill of Rights, clearly expresses that intent and sentiment. But, as Benjamin Franklin said, “It is a Republic, if you can keep it.” That means we have an individual responsibility to maintain this system of governance, but many fail to understand what federalism, constitutional nullification, and the three branches of government mean, thus my emphasis on the school board.

There is an awakening happening here in Texas that I pray is happening elsewhere in this primary season. Doggone, you even have 46 contested races for Republican County Chairman positions, why? Because the other political races downballot should be the ones at the top of the ticket, because they have the most direct impact. Some are awakening to that. State, county, and local races are where you select those who will become your future political talent pool, kinda like in baseball. If we want to Live Free, let’s follow Tip O’Neill’s advice and realize that all politics is local. Fight locally, win nationally. To get more involved at the local level, see the Live Free Local campaign.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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