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How Does the Progressive Socialist Left Define Incitement and Insurrection?


Allen West


October 24, 2023

If there is one thing I despise, it is hypocrisy. Boy, howdy, there is a bunch of that going around. The leftists in America, aided by their complicit media, should be charged with incitement to violence from the incidents we witnessed last week. How fast were these gullible, useful idiots (not my description, but rather that of Vladimir Lenin) quick to lay blame upon Israel for an alleged bombing of a hospital in Gaza? Oh yeah, Gaza’s Minister of Health provided the information that turned out to be disinformation and misinformation. But that did not stop major news media outlets, and even members of the US Congress, from taking to news, print. And social media announcing this unverified blather.

Of course, the Islamo-fascist world went nuts, as if it takes much for that to happen. Massive protests exploded all over the world, innocent people were attacked, and then came the truth. The incident was the result of a rocket misfire by Islamic Jihad, hard proof of such. Where were the massive media retractions? Did those terrorist-supporting members of Congress retract their uninformed statements? Did they offer an apology? The US Constitution affords the rights of free speech, expression, peaceful assembly, and press . . . an objective one, not an ideological and propaganda-driven press.

Will this same press and same leftists be held responsible and accountable for incitement and insurrection? I mean, really, people stormed Capitol Hill in support of an Islamic terrorist organization that just killed Americans . . . again.

Well, do not hold your breath because the left defines incitement and insurrection as countering their ideological agenda. When, all along, in pure hypocrisy, they are the ones enacting such.

Remember when Maxine Waters stood and told people to get in the faces of those serving in the Trump administration? What happened? Maybe you recall Sarah Huckabee Sanders being refused service at a restaurant? Remember how Ted Cruz and others were assailed at eating establishments? How about the “summer of love,” where Antifa, BLM, and associated groups burned federal buildings, destroyed property, and attacked law enforcement officers? Madonna talking about how she dreamt of blowing up the White House. Kathy Griffin with the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump, or the New York play that featured the stabbing death of a Donald Trump character, a la Julius Caesar? Nope, nothing, that is just good to go.

On the other hand, parents are “domestic terrorists” for showing up at school board meetings. A father is dragged out and arrested in Virginia for bringing attention to the sexual assault of his daughter by a biological male allowed entry into the girls’ bathroom. Something which the same individual did at another school. We later found out that the school superintendent knew and tried to cover up the incident. A group called Moms for Liberty is designated a “hate group” by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center because they believe in parental rights and educational freedom. The Democrat Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, issued a state of emergency because Republicans in the State legislative houses passed school choice.

What we witnessed last week, the protests on our streets in the aftermath of the heinous October 7th Islamic terrorist attack in Israel is highly disconcerting but par for the course of the progressive socialist left. Hamas is not an Islamic terrorist organization; as a professor at the Bush School at Texas A&M University described it, it is a “charitable organization.” So, obviously, you should not attack a charitable organization. If you do, the leftists are justified in taking to the streets, even in America, worldwide, in solidarity with this gang of inhumane savages. This description cannot be debated.

It is time for law-abiding governors and mayors in America to clarify their position regarding support for terrorism in their jurisdictions. I genuinely do not believe most university presidents have the requisite intestinal fortitude to restrict such aberrant behaviors and protests. The organization known as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) should be banned from campuses. BLM should be designated as a terrorist-supporting organization. I wonder if the NBA feels stupid for putting their name and logo on their courts? These insurrections popping up in support of an Islamic terrorist organization that brutally killed Israeli civilians and Americans should be banned. There needs to be consequences for American elected officials who side with an Islamic terrorist who killed Americans.

We have seen the left take over and destroy State Capitol buildings in Wisconsin and Tennessee without any consequences. We just witnessed a radical gathering on Capitol Hill demanding the unconscionable: leave Hamas alone and allow them to continue to exist to kill Jews and Americans.

How does the left in America define incitement and insurrection? It is their mantra. They advance their cause through fear, intimidation, coercion, threats, and violence. Perhaps that is why they easily sympathize with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah. They all share a virulent sense of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. Do not believe me? Go back and listen to Barack Obama’s speech at the University of Cairo in early 2009, where he invited Muslim Brotherhood members to the front rows. Interestingly, he has been very quiet about the barbaric attacks of Hamas. Quite telling.

We will not live free in America by allowing the hypocritical leftist definition of incitement and insurrection. I suppose that when the Islamic terrorist sleeper cells move into action in America, leftists will take to the streets and blame America. After all, it will have been us, just as with the sovereign nation-state of Israel, who has incited the beloved jihadist freedom fighters to murder us brutally. That is the level of delusion and deranged thinking of the progressive socialist left who aid and abet, along with providing material support and comfort to terrorists.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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