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First Amendment Right or Aiding and Abetting Terrorism?


Allen West


October 17, 2023

There is a very interesting question that our Constitutional Republic must face in the aftermath of the savage and barbaric attack of a designated Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, against a sovereign Nation-State, Israel. There can be no equivocation about the evil and heinous actions that were committed against innocent women and children. As a soldier, I understand being attacked by an enemy. Albeit, this is a non-State, non-uniformed belligerent operating on a battlefield, which means they have no Geneva Convention rights. If you are a young woman at a music festival celebrating love, you do not deserve to be raped and killed. If you are an elderly man or woman sitting in your domicile, you do not deserve to be targeted and killed. If you are a little baby in a crib, you certainly pose no harm or threat and do not deserve to be beheaded.

These are some examples, proven facts, of the animalistic nature of this enemy to the entire world. Then, we have the former leader of this Hamas organization — whose charter is the extermination, eradication, elimination, the erasing of the Jewish people — calling for a day of global jihad, protest, and violence. All, of course, from the safety of a posh existence in Qatar.

All this being said, we have helpful idiots who have taken to the streets, social media, and other outlets to profess their solidarity with a designated terrorist organization. Black Lives Matter put out a very disturbing meme showing a black-out of a paraglider under a terrorist flag. Those were the ones who attacked the peaceful music festival. We have a member of our US House of Representatives who displays the flag of this terrorist organization outside her taxpayer-funded office. The American taxpayers, who mourn the loss of some 25 Americans dead and dozens of others missing, were presumed to be taken hostage by this Hamas organization. In Australia, they are chanting, “Gas the Jews.” On our own soil, there are marches supporting these terrorists, even at the University of Florida, which has one of the largest Jewish student populations in the country; the supporters of this terrorist organization and their attack turned against a peaceful vigil.

It is interesting that our government will label parents who attend school board meetings and want their children educated as “domestic terrorists.” Or that our very own FBI infiltrated the Catholic Church because they take a pro-life stance. However, due to the lobbying of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups, such is not allowed in mosques. Or, how about pro-life supporters having raids conducted in their homes, yet, those who openly support the murder of Americans, killing and raping of young women, elderly, and beheading of babies are treated with kid gloves.

At a point, one loses their First Amendment rights, and that line has been crossed. When you are openly aligning yourself with terrorists and supporting their efforts, you are aiding and abetting terrorism. That is a violation of US statute, code, and law. Your freedom of religion, speech, press, expression, and right to peaceably assemble is invalidated when you support those who advocate for killing innocents, including American citizens. Anyone showing up at these pro-Hamas (meaning Islamic terror) rallies should be treated as subversives. If they are non-US citizens, they should be deported. If they are US citizens, they should be investigated. I mean, the FBI did a really great job in tracking down anyone who happened to be near the US Capitol on January 6th or even citizens who questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election. But are we supposed to allow supporters of terrorism to roam about freely?

Recently, I penned a piece called “What is Palestine?” because my exegesis of history does not reveal to me a State or people referred to as such. The very same region could also be referred to as the Levant. I hear absurd lies promulgated, such as the “occupation” of Gaza. Well, I remember when Israeli troops exited Gaza and forced Israelis to do the same, leaving behind destroyed greenhouse structures. A free press would tell the truth, not take a propagandized and ideological side rooted in hyperbole and terrorist organization rhetoric.

Should we have allowed Al Qaeda and Taliban sympathizers to hold marches and rallies after 9-11? Or how about allowing ISIS supporters to have rallies after the beheadings of Americans? Maybe we should allow the transnational narco-criminal terrorists we call the cartels to rally, as they enable the killing of Americans by fentanyl and proliferate human and sex trafficking into our nation.

I have said this before and will reiterate, “When tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.” America and Americans should not tolerate the idea that those who wish to kill us and are not capable of living in civil society, Islamic terrorists, deserve the freedom to advance their evil, including social media. Funny, I have been kicked off social media for discussing facts about the COVID-19 shot, but jihadists and their supporters roam about freely.

Leftist Governor Michele Lujan Grisham wanted to suspend the Second Amendment rights of legal and law-abiding citizens in New Mexico. Her state is a border state, just as where I reside in Texas. How interesting that somehow Israel lost operational control of their border, and nearly 1,500 Israelis have paid for that. Sadly, here in America, we have a government that is violating our rule of law, and our Constitution, and intentionally, purposefully, allowing the loss of operation control of our border and admitting millions of single military-age males, even from China.

The Bill of Rights and its freedoms are intended for those who abide by our rule of law. It is not intended for those who would undermine, subvert, and destroy our Constitutional Republic. Even if the Obama/Biden cabal of Islamic jihadist apologists and sympathizers do nothing, our state and local law enforcement — especially constitutional sheriffs — should. The dangerous consequence of doing nothing is that we are enabling terrorist cells. As Sir Edmund Burke asserted, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing.”

Hamas and their Islamic jihadist cohorts are terrorists, and they are undeniably evil.

Shall we do nothing under the weak guise of multiculturalism and appeasement? Or shall we tell them to take that crap somewhere else? There is no constitutional right to aid and abet terrorism or evil in America.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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