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June vs. December


Allen West


June 27, 2023

America loves awesome match-ups and rivalries. We have seen NFL-Dallas vs. Green Bay, NBA-Lakers vs. Celtics, boxing-Ali vs. Frazier, NCAA College football-Alabama vs. Auburn and Ohio State vs. Michigan, NCAA basketball Kentucky vs. Duke, and NHL-Rangers vs. Islanders. Heck, you even have Alien vs. Predator and Superman vs. Batman. We Americans love rivalries, wearing our team jerseys or colors, and declaring loyalty and allegiance in those hard-fought contests.

In that same light, there is a new rivalry, a new contest, that has grown before our eyes in America. Perhaps some of you recognize it, others may be in the Matrix world and do not . . . but we are now fully engulfed in a culture war in America, and the stakes are far higher than any sporting event, or movie.

The new rivalry can be broken down by analyzing two months in our nation that are six months apart, June and December.

We are now entering the final week of a month that has become a period of high emphasis on individual sexual behavior openly displayed in utter deviancy and hedonistic debauchery. Now there are those putting their hands up, in surrender, and covering their faces, and saying, “Colonel, we should not speak of such things.” There are those who believe that I should be intimidated into silence and acquiescence. I will not be, and it appears there are many others now rising up in dissent, even middle schoolers in Massachusetts. What adults do is their choice, but I will not be brow-beaten into some suggestion that I must accept it. Last time I checked, I also have free will and freedom of speech, expression, and religion in this Constitutional Republic.

In doing an assessment of what June has become, you must ask why Christians are told to shut up and be silent in December? December is the month when we celebrate and remember Christmas. “Christ-mas” which translates in Spanish to “Christ more.” In the month of June, we see the LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup mafia flag all over the place. Kinda interesting that the radical gay lobby has usurped the Biblical symbol of the rainbow as their colors. It is nice to know that there is a Christian organization fighting to reclaim the rainbow and reiterate its true meaning.

The rainbow flag has been flying at US Embassies all over the world. It was displayed on the White House in apparent violation of the US Flag code. It is being proliferated by our military, corporations, and retail stores. The flag has been flying at State and local government buildings, airports, and basically everywhere. How interesting that in the month of December, if you try to put up a nativity scene in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, leftists go apoplectic, falling out in rage. They begin to decry the absurdity of Separation of Church and State and religious establishment clause concerns . . . all over a nativity scene. Well, the intent of Jefferson in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Convention of Connecticut was to emphasize that America should never have a head of State, government, or nation, who also professed to be Head of Church over a state-established church. In actuality, Jefferson wanted to protect religious freedoms and liberties which is why people fled England to escape King Henry VIIIth’s declaration which led to persecution and prosecution of those who rejected his Church of England.

In this new culture war in America, the progressive socialist left has established its religion. Mind you that religion is man-made dogma and ritual . . . Christianity is a faith. Yes, there are many religions in Christianity, and they possess their respective dogma and practices. The radical gay lobby and the leftists have concocted a dogma that they believe we must subjugate ourselves to, to not is to be a punishable offense. This is why we see leftist states telling parents that they will lose custody of their children if they do not go along with the left’s religion of gender dysphoria.

Imagine what would happen if there was a decree that asserted that if parents did not support their children being Christian, they would lose custody?

The leftists tell us we must submit our children to “Drag Queen Story Hour” and have them sit before performances of scantily clad men, dressed as women, displaying their genitals. But, if you are a Christian and want to share Biblical story time with children, such as in the case of Kirk Cameron, you are denied, disparaged, demeaned, and denigrated.

In the month of June, if you do not bow down, genuflect, and face towards Washington, DC, and repeat the word “Pride” several times a day you are a bigot, a hater. Yet in the month of December, you are told not to say “Merry Christmas!” Ya know, that offends people. I like to do it anyway and watch the contorted face on some responses such as “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” . . . some even respond with “Happy Winter Solstice.” Maybe the day will come when you are found not reciting the pride refrain in June or get caught saying “Merry Christmas” in the public square, you will be punished. Such is the new culture war of June vs. December.

Lastly, we have all been introduced to the rather disturbing group called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” and their quite blasphemous behaviors. The left fully accepts this organization, and even the LA Dodgers baseball organization recognized them . . . being an Atlanta Braves fan that’s a real rivalry. Perhaps you remember the Little Sisters of the Poor, back during the Obama administration, these real nuns had to go before the US Supreme Court to fight against a government mandate . . . the real violation of the Separation of Church and State.

There is a quote that is attributed to yours truly, “When tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.” That is the path we are on with his cultural rivalry between June and December. It will be interesting to see how many Christian flags are flown during December, or nativity scenes at US Embassies worldwide. The lesson of this missive is that we cannot Live Free if we are held under the totalitarian tyranny of the left’s declared religion. While at the same time our true Judeo-Christian faith heritage is under assault.

I am all in for the triumph of the principles and values of December, over the debauchery of June . . . are you?

Steadfast and Loyal!

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