The Army Flag and Flag Day


Allen West


June 14, 2023

For those of us who are Soldiers of these United States of America, June is a very special month for us. No, I am not talking about any LGBTQIA+ stuff, rather, this is the month that our US Army was born. I remember an old Army recruiting song titled, “We Were There”. The words in the refrain were,

“When we were needed, we were there,

We were there when we were needed, We were there,

Tho’ it wasn’t always easy, It wasn’t always fair,

But when freedom called, we answered, We were there.”

The call went out for volunteers for a Nation being born in 1775, not too long after Men had taken to the field against the greatest military power known to man at the time. The Patriots who showed up at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge were not part of an official Army. They were simply militia Men, whom we would come to refer to as “Minute Men”, ready in a minute to protect freedom. But, the young Nation would need a dedicated Army to do the bidding of safeguarding the fledgling colonies. Therefore, on 14 June 1775 the United States Army was created, the first of our Armed Services.

Ever since that moment, for 248 years, there have been Soldiers of this great Nation who still answer the call. Some have been drafted into its ranks, others have volunteered, in my family there have been both. However, for most of that long and exemplary time of service there was something missing for my Army, for America’s Army…an official service flag.

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