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Executive Orders and Federal Agency Rules Are Not Law


Allen West


March 20, 2023

Remember back on Saturday morning when we would sit down and watch cartoons? One of our favorites was Schoolhouse Rock. Yes, I am dating myself, and wish that it would return. Those little cartoon lessons on history, grammar, and civics were invaluable. Of course, today, the progressive socialist leftists would revise Schoolhouse Rock to talk about their insidious woke agenda: more DEI, gender dysphoria, and probably drag queen segments. I recall such great little tunes like “conjunction junction, what’s your function . . . hooking up words and making them run right.” However, without a doubt, my all-time favorite was, and will always be, “I’m Just a Bill.” As a matter of fact, I have a t-shirt with the iconic cartoon character–a piece of legislation.

I recommend that Joe Biden and members of his administration watch “I’m Just a Bill” because they need a lesson in civics. Why? Because Biden and many others fail to realize and understand that orders, edicts, mandates, and decrees are not law. Also, no emergency suspends the rule of law, meaning our Constitution. This is a bipartisan bit of constitutional incompetence since it appears Republicans and Democrats have forgotten that we are a Constitutional Republic, not a constitutional monarchy.

With that being said, the most egregious violators of that premise are the progressive socialists, the Democrats. The US Supreme Court does not make law, they interpret the law.

Just last week, Biden erroneously embarked upon an unconstitutional venture by issuing an executive order that his White House said will utilize federal agencies to promote red flag laws (which are unconstitutional violations of the Second Amendment and due process), expand background checks, and collect more information on federally licensed firearms dealers. Biden asserts that the order is geared to protect the safety of children and is calling for Congress to pass universal background checks (failing to explain what that means) and pass a ban on assault weapons.

First, there is no such thing as an assault weapon. I have explained that previously. Anything that is used to assault another person is an assault weapon, whether it be a bat, knife, or hammer. What these deranged leftists are talking about are semi-automatic rifles, not recognizing that semi-automatic pistols are mostly used in gun crimes by criminals, not legal, law-abiding citizens. This means they will classify semi-automatic pistols the same way.

As for protecting children, well, the shooting in Uvalde Texas could have been avoided if the NICS background check system did its job. By this I mean the federal government. The shooter in that tragic event lived with his grandparents, and his grandfather was a felon. Felons are not allowed to possess or be in a residence with weapons. The shooter used that address on his ATF Form 4473 background check . . . pardon the pun, but that should have been a red flag and his purchase denied.

Biden stated last week in Monterey, California – a great State to announce gun control orders — “We will no longer allow the interests of the gun manufacturers to win out over the safety of our children and nation.” Hmm, that sounds similar to what King George III felt about gun manufacturers in the year 1775, and why the British Army sought to destroy a weapons and armament factory in Concord, Massachusetts.

The problem with gun violence in America is centered in major urban population cities where Democrats are in control. Tell me: just where can you find some of the most stringent – unconstitutional — gun control measures? Can you say Chicago?

More orders, rules, regulations, and restrictions will not deter criminals. They only seek to adversely affect those legal, law-abiding citizens and Federal Firearms License holders. The end state for the leftists is the disarmament of the population. Or, in the case of a recent ATF rule, to make legal, law-abiding gun owners felons because of an accessory added to a legally purchased semi-automatic weapon.

“Universal background checks” is just a cute-sounding euphemism to enable gun registration. Imagine leftists criminalizing a responsible parent, such as myself, giving their child a firearm. I did so for both of my daughters for their protection. Or the fact that I gifted my pastor with a Henry Repeating Rifle .44 Mag Big Boy. He cried when I presented it to him. Yes, both my daughters and pastor later went and filled out a 4473 form, as that is what law-abiding citizens do. We do not need Joe Biden or anyone giving orders or making rules, as we are not the criminals.

There can be no debate: the left in America wants the citizenry disarmed. They want subjects who can be subjugated, not citizens who can stand and defend themselves. That has always been the mantra of totalitarianism, and history has proven such. However, these antics by Biden and his cronies are just solidifying the strong opposition.

Hey Joe, why not issue an executive order to shut down the border? You know, fentanyl is the number one killer of Americans 18-45, and our children. Why not issue an executive order to stop human and sex trafficking in America? Why not issue an executive order to stop the sexualization of our children and the horrific practice of mutilating the bodies of our children? Ahh, we all know that is not happening because as a progressive socialist, Marxist, you want control. You do not care about our children, nor this nation. We know that you are concerned with lining your pockets with the largesse of our geopolitical enemy, China. We know that fentanyl comes from China. So much for caring about our American children.

Joe, the words of the Second Amendment are indisputable, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Your executive order infringes upon our Constitutional right, We the People, the well-regulated militia, shall not comply. Now, have a great day, and go take a nap.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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