Crisis Tyrants Are Destroying Our Military


Lori Roman


July 13, 2022

The Biden Administration apparently believes it’s fine to dismiss 13 percent of our National Guard and 12 percent of Reserve soldiers over their forced, and unnecessary, vaccination mandate. Judging by other actions by the same administration, they don’t see national security as much of a priority.

About 40,000 National Guard soldiers and an additional 22,000 Army Reservists are now barred from performing their duties during the vital summer training season. Nor will they receive pay and retirement credit. Leadership has little interest in approving vaccine mandate exemption requests — granting only six medical and zero religious exemptions for the National Guard and Reserve forces.

Fox News contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat sums things up. “The CDC allowed us sick doctors/nurses to work while covid+ positive but you are penalizing those who already have natural immunity knowing the current vaccine does not stop transmission or acquisition of covid.”

We’re actively fighting this issue. In fact, Jonathan Dobbs, the Director of our Committee to Support and Defend project recently separated from the Air Force over the forced-vaccination issue. Visit us there to learn more and get involved in the fight!

Lori Roman

President and CEO, ACRU



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