Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat


Lori Roman


March 30, 2022

Although the concept of constitutional self-governance was the political underpinning that made our country great, its primary mechanism of free and fair elections is quite simple. The challenge is the “fair” part. Political beliefs are strong enough to start wars. They’re also powerful enough to “justify” bad behavior during the election process.

We firmly believe voting should be easy. We also believe cheating should be hard. These are not mutually exclusive things. We’re focused on doing everything we can to engage patriotic Americans to help them serve as poll workers and poll volunteers. One of our primary initiatives this year is to help veterans navigate the volunteer process so they can serve their country again — this time at the polls.

You can learn more about our veterans’ election volunteer efforts at CommitteeToSupportAndDefend.org. You can even sign up right on the home page. Get on that mailing list so we can keep you informed and help you navigate the poll volunteer process in your state. And please forward this email to others who may be candidates for this critical initiative.

Lori Roman, President



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