Happy Birthday to America’s First Freedoms from ACRU


ACRU Staff


September 16, 2019

ACRU celebrates September 17th as Constitution Day with gratitude for the document that has protected our individual and economic liberty for over two hundred years.
Washington, DC.—Today Americans celebrate the 232nd anniversary of the completed signing of the United States Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787 by thirty-nine Founding Fathers. By ratifying this brilliant document, they made America a nation uniquely founded on liberty like no other country in the world.
At age 81, Benjamin Franklin was the oldest signer and 26-year-old Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey, who fought in the Revolutionary War at age 15, was the youngest. James Madison drafted the document and was its chief architect, but the final wording was a result of four months of impassioned debate among delegates from twelve states.
“The U.S. Constitution is the greatest friend to life, liberty and prosperity ever conceived,” notes ACRU President Lori Roman.
“It is based on the ideal that because the rights of man come from our Creator, no government can usurp those natural rights. Our Constitution was designed to ensure the power of governance always resides in the people—that government is accountable to its citizens and not the other way around.”
Roman continued, “modern challenges to our liberty come from socialism, progressivism and activists attacking voting integrity, free speech, religious expression, divergent opinion and foundational freedoms like the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights. ACRU stands at the forefront of this continued battle for liberty with the Constitution as our guide.”
Roman concludes, “ACRU is truly grateful for all our friends, partners and supporters who join us to ‘form a more perfect union’ by defending our founding freedoms on behalf of every American against harmful, anti-Constitutional ideologies in our nation’s courts, culture and bureaucracies.
We hope every American will take time today to read the Constitution and learn its storied history.”
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The American Civil Rights Union is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy organization dedicated to defending the constitutionally-protected civil rights of all Americans.
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