We Support Jeff Sessions


ACRU Staff


August 8, 2017

ACRU chairman Susan Carleson signed the Conservative Action Project’s memo supporting the attorney general.

July 28, 2017

Washington, DC

We support Attorney General Jeff Sessions and believe he is the right man, and the best man, to lead the Justice Department at this time.

Senator and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been a loyal, highly visible, and early supporter of President Trump and his policy agenda. He is a principled conservative leader who has demonstrated integrity and excellence throughout his public career. He has already led the Department of Justice to correcting wrong-headed direction in many, many areas. While all conservatives are not in agreement with all his decisions, we respect that he has undertaken many reforms with very few colleagues in the Department who were similarly supportive of President Trump from the very early days. To lose his leadership would be disastrous for the President’s policy agenda.

The President’s frustration with the distinctly partisan investigation into his family is understandable and appropriate. The opacity of the process, the politically motivated leaks, and the lack of a crime to investigate characterize this effort as little more than a specious attempt to discredit the president and his family members. President Trump is right to be outraged.

Though the President’s displeasure with the investigation may be understandable, a move to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General would not be.

Senator Sessions stood for the very principles that propelled the President into office — among them a commitment to a secure border, the rule of law, and strengthening American families and Attorney General Sessions is best equipped to carry these principles forward at the Justice Department.

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has fearlessly executed President Trump’s agenda, implementing policies to strengthen the border, enforcing federal immigration laws in sanctuary cities and taking actions against criminal gangs of illegal immigrants who have been preying on our most vulnerable Americans. No one in the Trump administration has shown more commitment to president’s principles than Sessions — he continues to be a loyal ally of the president, and of the people who elected him. The President should direct the proper authority at DOJ to clarify and focus the scope of the Special Counsel.



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