John Armor, Legal Counsel to the ACRU


ACRU Staff


April 1, 2007

John Armor is Legal Counsel to The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU).

A graduate of Yale University (1964) and Maryland Law School (1970), John has practiced law in the United States Supreme Court since 1974. He has also completed course work, but not yet the dissertation, for a Ph.D. in Public Policy at American University.

As the author of seven books and more than 650 articles in the print media, John has been a fixture on national radio and TV since 1976.

In the past few years, John has made his presence known in blogosphere, being published widely on leading blogs such as NewsBusters, ChronWatch, and Canyon News

His writing both in print and on the web have been picked up and used by other media outlets, as well, including Rush Limbaugh, the BBC International News, and “Inside Politics” in the Washington Times.



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