It’s good to be a leftist felon until the FBI steps in

New York State and City’s bail “reforms” regularly release violent felons back into communities. Now, in Portland, a rioter arrested three times in four weeks, twice for assaulting police officers, was re-re-released. Portland doesn’t even need bail “reform” to let leftists loose to inflict fear and economic calamity on the law abiding folks just trying to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Public-Private Partnerships Value Effectiveness, Not Just Efficiency

1/31: I can tell you with conviction, the private corrections facilities in this country are not the pits of despair the critics and media fictionalize them to be.

Blackwell: Trump Leading the Way for Prison Reform

12/20: ACRU’s Policy Board member and senior fellow Ken Blackwell reports on President Trump leading the charge on prison reform with his First Step Act.


11/18: This is a law and order President who believes in justice and the First Step Act will get us closer to true justice.

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