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Has someone else voted on your behalf without your knowledge? Has someone taken advantage of a family member’s voting registration? Research your voting records here using the database.

Poll Worker and Poll Volunteer Information

Poll Worker and Watcher Information for Nevada

“We the people”. The first three words of the United States Constitution do more than introduce that document— they set the foundation for our republic. Without our active participation, nothing can happen. While voting, informing ourselves of the issues and candidates is vital.

There are many other ways to participate in the electoral process.

  • Sign up to be a poll worker
    • This is not a volunteer position. County election offices pay poll workers either an hourly or daily rate
    • The need for poll workers has increased with the addition of same-day voter registration
    • Poll workers are trained to ensure voting is smooth and efficient. They also receive training on how to handle any problems that may arise
    • Without an adequate number of poll workers, voting takes longer and delays could result in voters not voting
  • Volunteer with a campaign or political party
    • Campaigns are the heart of any election, so volunteering for the candidate of your choice can be fulfilling and educational
    • Help with a phone bank
    • Help with a table at a community event
    • Canvas (knock on doors) a neighborhood
    • Host events in your home
    • Work on a get-out-the-vote effort
    • Stuff envelopes, send text messages, or post on social media
    • Become an officer in a political party Contact the appropriate campaign or party headquarters for details
  • Volunteer with advocacy groups working on important issues o Is there an issue that you are passionate about resolving?
    • Do you have ideas on what needs to be done to address the issue?
    • Look online, or social media to find the organization that would be the right fit for you
    • Contact the organization, find out what help they need, and attend a meeting
  • Volunteer with a voter registration drive
    • Many organizations run voter registration drives and most depend on volunteers:
      • Campaigns
      • Political parties
      • Election Advocacy groups
      • Social action organizations
    • Start your own Voter Registration Drive Guide