Photo of ACRU Executive Director LTC Allen West (Ret)

Who is crossing our border?

The amount of single military-age males being allowed illegal entry into America should give us all concern. As well, the same goes for the level of single military-age females. I saw videos of Mexican officials taking illegals to positions and crossing points where there were no individuals to deter their entry. See, you can put up concertina wire, but if no one is there conducting overwatch, it loses its value and capability. Over these past two years We the People have been fed lies, deception, gimmicks, optics, and platitudes when it comes to our southern border security. Now, it has reached its full zenith, and there are still two more years of Biden regime rule…even more years of a feckless Texas governor. Neither of whom are fulfilling their constitutional duties and responsibilities.

Allen West, Executive Director, American Constitutional Rights Union



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