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You Ain’t Black


Allen West


June 3, 2024

I am sure you recall those highly condescending and offensive words spoken by one Joe Biden four years ago during a podcast interview. Biden was insinuating that if you were a Black American who was confused about or not voting for him, well, you were not really Black. It reminds me of the insidious question posed to me by a young female student at Northwestern University asking me if I “identified as Black.” What in the Sam Hell does that mean? Well, for those of us attuned to the deranged woke identity politics of the left, the meaning is simple. Your skin color must determine your political associations. In other words, you are just like the Borg from Star Trek: Next Generation. You are not an individual, just a color—part of a collective.

And these progressive socialist Marxists just despise Blacks, or any minority individual, who would dare to think for themselves. And so the Democrats, aka Marxists, find themselves in a real pickle.

Joe Biden has gone from a 91% Black electorate support to polling of anywhere from 68 to 72%. That, ladies and gents, represents two torpedoes in the SS Biden-Harris, also known as Obama’s third term. So, what is the response? Yes, you guessed it, typical Democrat leftist: suck up and pandering. “Hey, we will give y’all colored people more free stuff. And those other people, Republicans, are racist.”

I find that quite laughable when one considers that the largest State Republican party organization in America, the Republican Party of Texas, was founded by 150 Black men and 20 Whites in Houston, Texas. And on July 4, 1867, mind you. Yeah, Independence Day. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 on a single platform issue…ending slavery, a Democratic party institution. Remember when ol’ Joe made this absurd assertion at a Black church in Virginia while Vice President, “They gone put y’all back in chains.” First of all, how utterly despicable to use such bad English before a Black audience. My Mom and Dad did not speak as such and would have beaten me silly if I did. But let’s remember that the political party of systemic racism has been, is, and always shall be the Democrat party, the only one who put Blacks in chains…once physical, but now the metaphysical chains of economic enslavement.

Joe Biden calling anyone racist is, as we say down South, “the pot calling the kettle black.” Biden eulogized a former KKK (founded by Democrats) Grand Wizard, West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd. It was Biden who pushed for the Crime Bill, which the first black president, Bill Clinton, signed, that sent countless numbers of young black men to prison. After all, Biden referred to them as “predators.”

So, this Biden race-baiting pandering tour about equity and racial equality is just FUBAR.

Why are Blacks awakening and pushing away from Biden and the leftists? Simple, the game is up, they know how much better the economy was under Donald Trump. They know that their dollar went further at the grocery store and gas pump. Not to mention, the manipulation of interest rates in order to cover for Biden’s failed economic policies and inflation is having a detrimental effect on Blacks. Blacks, along with most Americans, cannot afford new cars or to buy a new home due to these high interest rates. And Blacks certainly cannot afford the Green New Deal—EVs. Oh, that’s right, we will just pander and offer Blacks more free solar panels and stuff.

They know that Trump pushed for better support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). While Joe Biden and the Democrats push for their LGBTQIA+ educational agenda, Black kids are falling behind, not reading and doing math at grade level. And no, Kathy Hochul, it is not because Black kids do not know how to use a computer…remember the movie “Hidden Figures?”

Blacks know that Biden and his leftist flying monkeys have opened up the gates of criminal hell, and rampant crime has overtaken Black communities. Stores are closing, food deserts are growing, and Biden says nothing about the Soros-backed DAs who are the masterminds behind this scourge. Yet, all you hear from Boss Man Biden is that we must implement more gun control. I guess Biden has forgotten that it was a Black man in Chicago, Otis McDonald, who took his case all the way to the US Supreme Court, McDonald v City of Chicago, and won. One of the fastest-growing demographics of legal gun owners is Blacks, who fear the criminal elements.

Blacks see that they are the real recipients of the Democrat replacement theory. Yes, the other gates that Biden has opened up are those on our southern border. Millions of illegal immigrants are pouring into our cities, and guess what? They are getting free stuff, including five-star hotel lodging and jobs. I am sure, Eric Adams, there are many young black kids who could be Lifeguards on the beaches.

Joe Biden ran off to give a speech to the Michigan NAACP, especially since Islamic jihadist Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is undermining him in that State. But let’s not forget who founded the NAACP, yes, white progressive socialists—Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villard, William English, and Dr. Henry Moskowitz. Sure, they made WEB Dubois the face of the organization, but DuBois was an avowed socialist who went full communist, dined with Chairman Mao, and eventually renounced his American citizenship. No wonder Joe Biden and the Democrats et al. find simpatico and comfort in addressing their leftist comrades.

The Black community is tired of the same song-and-dance political routine from the Democrats. They show up in times of political contests and just promise more largesse, in essence, to keep ‘dem Blacks on our 21st-century economic plantation. Sure, it has worked and will work on those useful idiots and mindless lemmings. It will continue to be advocated by the new plantation overseers, the Congressional Black Caucus, with members like Rep. Jasmine Crockett, who believe Blacks should not pay taxes as part of reparations. That is what the left calls “equity” and “racial equality,” the manipulation of the equality of outcomes. Leftists do not want to see the equality of opportunity for Blacks by way of better educational and economic opportunities. No, that would be less Blacks being dependent upon Mister Charlie and Miss Daisy for their existence. The Democrats have always pushed the soft bigotry of low expectations on Blacks.

Lastly, as y’all read this missive, I am landing in Paris, France, at Charles de Gaulle Airport for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. I will be jumping into Normandy to commemorate those Brave Americans. Why are Black men fleeing the Democrat party? Because ever since the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, Black men have been serving this Country in uniform. Black men do not want to gravel on their knees, and we have little respect for weakness, as embodied by Joe Biden, nor ineptness, as shown by Kamala Harris. In the military, you rise because of your individual abilities, not because of this nonsense called equity.

My message to Joe Biden and his acolytes of leftism (and that includes Barack Hussein Obama) is simple. I am a proud American Black man who will not be voting for you. And that is how my Mom and Dad raised me, to be a strong, independent-thinking man, not a lemming. And the fella from my neighborhood in Atlanta, the Old Fourth Ward, once dreamt of an America where we would be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character.

Joe, I am Black…and you do not define me!

Steadfast and Loyal.

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