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The Leftist Deconstruction of our Electoral Process


Allen West


March 27, 2024

Greetings, y’all; I am so glad that I have never been one to consume alcohol. I know that some folks play the drinking game based on the repeated use of certain words where you may have to take a shot. When I think about how many times leftists say “threat to democracy”, among many other talking points, one would suffer severe inebriation. I have often said that whatever leftists accuse you of being or doing, they are the ones guilty of said offense. When leftists call you a racist, well, a quick analysis of the history of the Democrat party refutes that. And it continues with their soft bigotry of low expectations. Just recently, ol’ Joe Biden asserted that poor black families do not have books in their homes.

When leftists call anyone an extremist, well, what does one call Antifa and BLM, not to mention their desired policy towards the unborn?

Undoubtedly, the assertion that the MAGA Republicans, another shot of lemonade for me, are the greatest threat to our democracy is the greatest evidence of leftist projection. Matter of fact, I did a podcast monologue about the Democrats being the “Party of Projection”.

In the past five years, we have seen a complete remaking of our electoral process language, thanks to the progressive socialist left. Never before had we heard about ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, 24-hour voting locations (only Waffle House and Whataburger need to be open 24 hours), and mail-in ballots. Voting was once a simple process: you vote by absentee ballot, requested and verified, or you voted in person. And now, you have early voting in some States that starts doggone right after Labor Day.

The electoral college is firmly in the sights of the leftists. The founders wanted to ensure that we had fair representation of electoral importance amongst all States. Instead, the leftists just want a popular vote, meaning that electoral importance will be relegated to certain populous States, and especially urban centers that the leftists control … and where you find the greatest evidence of leftist policy failures — education, crime, law and order, lack of economic opportunity. The founders endowed us with a representative democracy where that representation was based upon the citizenry. Now, leftists want to skew that representation by having illegal immigrants counted in our census, of course, to their advantage. And there is no longer any doubt that the leftists want to have illegals vote in our elections. They say just local elections, but as the saying goes in the Middle East, “never allow the camel to get their nose under the tent, because the rest of the body will follow.”

To count illegals in our census, as well as opening the door to non-citizens to be able to vote — something we do not even allow green card holders to do — is a serious threat to our representative democracy.

But the newest, and I believe most dangerous, electoral process scheme of the Marxists is this thing called Rank Choice Voting (RCV). We addressed it on one of our Live Free TV episodes; check it out here. The left and some mindless lemming Republicans are selling RCV as a means to lessen partisanship from elections. That is like the wolf telling the Gingerbread man that he didn’t want to eat him. RCV is the most diabolical plan that the leftists have hatched to destroy our electoral system and process. If you do not have confidence in voting machines now, then RCV will certainly solidify that sentiment.

With RCV no longer will you select one candidate for your electoral support. Instead, all candidates are lumped in, and you are told to rank each one. If you refuse to rank order every candidate, your ballot will not be accepted, in other words you will be disenfranchised. Imagine having a ballot with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Reagan, Hitler, Mao, and Stalin and instead of voting for one, you have to rank order them from 1 to 6. Now, that computer algorithm kicks in, and if there is no clearly defined winner, 50+%, then the computer drops out the lowest recipient and reapportions the percentage of votes and continues to do so until one person receives a majority. In essence, the individual voter loses all control over their vote after the initial rank ordering. From then on, it is the computer algorithm that makes the decisions.

Now, tell me how that does not suppress voters and undermine the electoral process.

RCV has been implemented in Alaska and Maine, and they are trying to reverse course and eliminate it. Remember the saying about the camel’s nose? RCV caused an utter debacle in a school board election in Oakland, California, to the point that months later, it was determined that the wrong person won.

And now, right here in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday evening, the Dallas city council nefariously voted to implement RCV just ahead of the May municipal elections. I tend to ponder if it is even Constitutional for a body of 14 city council members to alter an election process.

At the hearing, there was a 4 to 1 outcry from the public against RCV. The initial vote of the Dallas City Council was 7-7, meaning RCV failed. Then, by some incredible turn of events, there was a revote on the matter, and RCV passed 8-6. Yes, the Dallas, Texas, city council voted to suppress individual voters and replace them with a process that hands over voting selections to a computer algorithm. This is coming to all of our urban population centers controlled by progressive socialists and Marxists. This is a clear and present danger to our presentative democracy and our democratic process of voting for candidates.

As the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union and incoming Chairman of the Dallas County GOP, I condemn rank-choice voting as an unconstitutional undermining of our democratic electoral process and our representative democracy. There must be legislation in constitutional conservative States that bans RCV and does not allow the noses of the leftists to get under the tent of our elections. Sadly, this has pretty much happened.

These combined unconstitutional actions by leftists are a clear threat to the representative democracy of our Constitutional Republic — unsolicited mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, lack of eligible voter registration review, illegal immigrants voting and being counted in our census, centralized tabulations, and rank choice voting. The ACRU stands firmly against these efforts and asks you to join us in this fight to truly save that which the left is seeking to destroy.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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