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To Provide for the Common Defense


Allen West


March 1, 2024

The Preamble of the United States Constitution serves as a foundational outline of the general tasks of the federal government. One of the most important of these tasks is “to provide for the common defense.” In other words, the federal government is to keep America, its national interests, and its citizens safe and secure. Early on, the US government was tested in the War of 1812, again by the British, to do exactly that. Even though our fledgling capital was burned by the British, we were victorious. And out of that war came our National Anthem, because of the duty and sacrifice of brave soldiers inside Ft. McHenry in Baltimore during a massive naval bombardment.

It appears today that this current administration, and to a greater extent, progressive socialist administrations, aka Democrats, have forgotten this preeminent duty, to provide for the common defense. They tend to be more focused on providing welfare rather than “promoting the general welfare.”

Among all the many other unconstitutional actions of the Biden administration, we have yet another. In this FY 2024, America is looking at its smallest active-duty military force since 1940, some 80 years. The end goal for active-duty US military strength is 1,284,500. The US Army is dropping 24,000 end-strength, taking the force from an already low 445,000 to under 425,000. The US Marine Corps, already at an abysmal low of 177,000, will be reduced by another 8,900. The US Navy will be dropping 10,000 sailors and the US Air Force will drop 13,500 airmen.

Why is this happening? Is the world a safer place, or more peaceful? Nope.

These cuts to our military end-strength are occurring because this current Biden administration is failing to meet recruiting and retention goals. Only the brand-new US Space Force, which is less than 10,000, has met their goal. This has to be highly disturbing for our Republic, but great news for China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Islamic jihadists, and the transnational narco-terrorists. Imagine the disconcerting absurdity of a Department of Defense policy that says since we cannot meet our recruiting goals we will just reduce the required personnel needed in our force. This is not capability-based or security-based planning for our military readiness. It is simply rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, or worse, moving the goalpost to appear as if all is well.

This is truly a dangerous version of Catherine the Great’s Potemkin Village.

But what should alarm Americans the most is that we are reducing our active-duty military strength to 1,294,500. Of that, our two preeminent land combat forces, the US Army and US Marine Corps will have an active-duty end-strength of less than 600,000. Note that not every active-duty soldier or Marine has a primary duty as a combat warrior. Yet, we know that there are some 1.5-2 million illegal immigrant “gotaways” in our country. Yes Americans, we have more unknown illegal immigrants in our nation than our active-duty military strength. As well, we undoubtedly have more single military-aged illegal immigrant males that Joe Biden has allowed to enter our country than the active-duty strength of our Army and Marine Corps.

Just to hammer a point, these progressive socialists are enabling an invasion of our country, undermining our military strength, releasing violent criminals back onto our streets, and seeking to disarm legal, law-abiding American gun owners. The words of the Second Amendment have never been more important, “A well-regulated (trained) militia being necessary to the security of a Free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” We the People, as the Preamble states, are the militia. Those were common men who stepped onto Lexington Green and Concord bridge on April 19, 1775. There was not a US Army until June 14, 1775; US Navy in October 1775; and US Marine Corps in November 1775.

Yet, these Marxists have openly aligned themselves with elements to undermine our national sovereignty and expect We the People to have no recourse but to be victims, surrender, and be subjugated.

China has surpassed our US Navy in the area of surface warships. We have a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown, who is more concerned about the color of Air Force pilots than the quality of Air Force pilots.

These leftists of the Biden administration can play with numbers all they desire to degrade our military capability and capacity. But they cannot hide the truth: our young men and women will not join a military focused on the implementation of a Marxist ideological agenda. They will not join a force focused on supporting the delusional mental condition of gender dysphoria. They do not want to be a part of a military that grants free leave and compensation to allow servicewomen to dismember American babies in the womb. They will not join a military where their lives are unnecessarily lost because of insidious and incompetent civilian and military leadership. They do not want to be a part of a military that enforces an unconstitutional, unethical, unlawful, and immoral order for them to be injected with a harmful, untested, shot into their bodies. They don’t want to be in a military where they can’t find open chow halls and told to go on food stamps. All the while, illegal immigrants receive free taxpayer benefits.

Nor do our parents wish to send their sons and daughters into a force led by a petty usurper and charlatan masquerading as a Commander-in-Chief. One who discusses foreign policy while licking an ice cream cone and hanging out with a leftist court jester. One who cannot coherently put together a cogent thought.

I know the House Republicans are all wrapped around the axle with the Biden crime family and Hunter. But damn, here right before you is another clear case of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, against the United States . . . the willful, intentional, and purposeful destruction of our military, a violation of the specified duty of the federal government enumerated in the Preamble of the Constitution.

I am starting to lose count of the Constitutional violations of Joe Biden and his administration of flying monkeys who are intent on harassing Americans. As well, we should certainly tire of a political party that takes comfort in aligning itself with Islamic jihadists, see Rashida Tlaib, and our number one geopolitical foe, China.

There is so very much at stake for America in this 2024 election cycle, and only a mindless lemming and useful idiot, words of Vladimir Lenin, would support the Party of the Jackass. When the US Starship Enterprise was threatened, Captain James T. Kirk would give the order to Checkov or Mr. Sulu to put “shields up.” Joe Biden is dropping our shield. He is not doing what our Constitution orders him to do, namely, “Provide for the Common Defense.” Or for that matter, Article IV, Section 4, a guarantee to every State in the Union, protection from invasion.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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