ACRU and Other Conservative Groups Demand FISA Reform


Lori Roman


February 16, 2024

ACRU and other prominent conservative leaders delivered a letter to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) demanding reform of the oft-abused FISA program, demanding the addition of two key amendments designed to implement vital protections against spying on American citizens without warrants.

As stated in the letter, “Conservatives demand real reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. As we have seen over and over again, the FISA process has been abused and politically weaponized in intolerable ways, including as a means to spy on President Trump’s campaign, thereby setting up the ‘Russia collusion’ scandal.”

“This is to say nothing of the millions of normal American citizens — including Members of Congress and state officials — whose phone calls, emails, social media posts, and so forth are obtained by the federal government under the FISA process without a warrant.” The letter continues, “Failing to reform FISA in the face of these scandals would be an unconscionable failure for a Republican House majority.”

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