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America’s True Constitutional Crisis


Allen West


January 4, 2024

Happy New Year! I pray that y’all will be blessed in 2024. New Year’s resolutions? Well, mine is not about getting into better shape or any other selfish aspirations. My resolution is as it has always been: in the coming year I want to be a better servant of God, country, and family. When I look ahead into this year, a crucial one, I recognize America’s true crisis with regard to our constitution.

Now, for the progressive socialist leftists, it is all about keeping former President Donald Trump off the 2024 electoral ballot. They will continue with their delusion that Trump is an insurrectionist, an allegation for which there has been no charge. They will improperly use Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to advance their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Needless to say, Trump never took up arms, nor supported a cause to do so, against the United States of America. As a matter of fact, I have not seen anyone who has been relegated to the Washington DC gulag charged and convicted of insurrection.

The Republicans, on the other hand, continue to exert much political capital and time into the Hunter Biden investigation. Yes, there is no doubt that Joe Biden is as corrupt as the days are long. He has been caught up in so many lies revolving around his dealings and relationship with his son, of whom he says he is proud and is the smartest person he knows. The Bidens are, indeed, a corrupt family and they are the poster children for political cronyism, nepotism, and scandal. They might have even overtaken the Clinton Family crime syndicate.

Both of these aforementioned issues are concerning but do not represent America’s true constitutional crisis.

America’s greatest danger comes from the disregard of our national sovereignty by way of an intentional and purposeful open borders policy of this Biden administration . . . the fundamental and transformational design of the progressive socialist Marxist left. America cannot survive with the abjectly disturbing levels of illegal immigration invasion that we are witnessing. This is all a violation of the “Guarantee Clause” in our Constitution, Article IV, Section 4. This is not debatable. It is the ultimate impeachable offense and a pure example of treason against these United States of America.

The numbers are just staggering and cannot be refuted. In just the last three months, 1Q, FY24, there were some 785,000 illegal immigrants allowed entry into our Republic. In the month of December of 2023 alone, that number hit an all-time high of over 305,000. We continue to see massive amounts of single military-age males allowed entry. This is not about seeking asylum! Asylum seekers claim such at the first country of entry, not after traversing an ocean and several countries on the way to our border. The stated numbers for “got-aways” are now greater than the active-duty strength of our US Army and US Marine Corps. Leftist Illinois Senator Dick Durbin offered that we should enlist illegal immigrants to make up for the failures of this administration to recruit and retain Americans for our armed forces.

Does anyone with a functional brain not see the absurdity of this statement by Durbin? He actually believes that those who violated our Constitution to illegally enter our country would take an oath to support and defend our Constitution. Yeah, FUBAR!

Not only that, but we also have another example of leftist purposeful idiocy and intent to undermine law and order in our Constitutional Republic. The Governor of Illinois will be allowing illegals to serve as law enforcement officers. I just gotta tell ya, if I was in Illinois and an illegal immigrant law enforcement officer — quite oxymoronic, with emphasis on moron — pulled me over, there would be a huge lawsuit. Yeah, FUBAR!

We have a drug trafficking crisis that has claimed the lives of over 100,000 Americans, more than our combat losses in the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined. We are engaged in a chemical war that is advanced by China and supported by the transnational narco-criminal terrorists known as the cartels. Yet we just found out that the Biden administration has reduced the number of questions asked to Chinese illegal immigrants. We have a massive human and sex trafficking crisis, and living here in Dallas County in Texas, I see it. We now have a healthcare crisis, once again, with various communicable diseases spreading throughout our country. In other words, the Biden administration is aiding and abetting in the murder of Americans, along with the trafficking of humans. Given that America is the top consumer of sex trafficking, including our children, that is tremendously concerning.

This intentional constitutional crisis created by Joe Biden — supported by the so-called Border Czarina, Kamala Harris, walking doofus Alejandro Mayorkas, and propagandized by the female version of Baghdad Bob, Karine Jean-Pierre — threatens the very existence of our Republic. And, it is in this year that they intend to capitalize on their insidious crusade of unconstitutional actions.

America’s real constitutional crisis will be the leftist goal of having illegal immigrants vote in this crucial year. Pennsylvania’s Governor Shapiro already announced the objective of granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, meaning picture ID. Under the Motor Voter Law — which was passed during the Clinton administration – this grants the ability to vote. The left does not even hide this. In some places, they are seeking to allow illegals to vote in municipal elections. In Maryland, they are trying to create a school board district seat that can only be voted upon by illegals. If you want to talk about undermining our representative democracy, this is it, allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections, something that green card holders, those here in the country legally, are not allowed to do.

America’s real constitutional crisis, one that we can all recognize, is this purposeful and aided invasion of our Constitutional Republic. It is easily understood. It adversely affects every community in America, especially legal minority communities. If there was any evidence of a “replacement theory,” this would be it, replacing law-abiding American citizens with millions of illegal immigrants from all around the world, including countries on the terrorist watch list. That means we have a situation where our country is at risk for a terrorist attack. FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to this. Perhaps the FBI should not be focused on parents who support educational freedom and parental choice as domestic terrorists or infiltrating the Catholic Church.

Sadly, no one, and I mean no one, is standing up for the rule of law in America and confronting this constitutional crisis. Bussing illegal immigrants to so-called leftist designated sanctuary cities is not a constitutional solution, it is an inept and incompetent political stunt and gimmick. There was a record-low number of deportations by the Biden administration last year. And the illegals just keep coming.

The only people who can rectify America’s true constitutional crisis are those who have a New Year’s resolution to serve God, country, and family. Please spare me the tired ol’ excuse about Christian humanity, I am a very humane person, and I also believe in our rule of law. Remember, even God put up a sword of fire to keep Adam and Eve from reentering the Garden of Eden after they were expelled. God gets border security.

If we are to Live Free, we must support and defend our Constitution. In this election season, any incumbent or candidate for political office who is not doing so must not receive electoral support. Any candidate that cannot articulate to you, the voter, America’s true constitutional crisis does not deserve to represent us, We the People.

Always remember the sage words of Benjamin Franklin, “a Republic if you can keep it.” In 2024, it is not about voting for people, it is about keeping, and restoring, our Constitutional Republic.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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