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Active vs. Passive Verbs


Allen West


October 26, 2023

Greetings, everyone, from beautiful Brevard, North Carolina, here in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, where the movie, “The Last of the Mohicans” was filmed. Just on the other side, not too far away, are the Great Smoky Mountains, Rocky Top, where I attended the University of Tennessee. I love being in the mountains this time of year, it is truly spectacular with the changing of the leaves, and so serene.

I am in the area to address constitutional issues with the people here in western North Carolina. You know, that foundational document that progressive socialists on the left dismiss as being irrelevant. It is a pesky thing because our rule of law tends to get in the way of the leftist desire to rule.

So many people are asking, “How did we get ourselves to this point in our Constitutional Republic?” The answer is simple: there are those who do not wish to abide by the US Constitution at the federal level because it is a restraining document on the powers of said level of governance.

I enjoy reading and doing analyses of our constitution and assessing the issues that we face in our Republic. Now, I am not an English professor, but, doggone, we need better instruction in spelling, grammar, and civics these days. In order to understand the assigned duties and responsibilities ascribed to the federal government, one need only read the Preamble to the Constitution. I doubt leftists even have a functional knowledge of what I am talking about.

When reading the preamble, we find these assigned duties that enable us to have a “more perfect Union,” such as “establish justice (nothing about social), ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty (individual, that means stop telling us what kind of dishwasher we must have)”. The Constitution is the established document which lays out the framework by which these tasks are to be accomplished. In evaluating these tasks, it seems to me that several are active (action voice) verbs, while one is a verb in the passive voice. When the founders wrote “establish,” “ensure,” “provide,” and “secure,” these were very directive action verbs. However the word “promote” seems to be more passive, interpretive, and has truly led us down a dangerous path.

Let’s begin with looking at “establish justice.” Somehow in America, we are now witnessing a two tiered system of justice, according to progressive socialist ideological objectives. People can occupy government buildings on Capitol Hill in support of an Islamic terrorist organization responsible for killing Americans and face no consequences. However, the FBI can conduct raids against parents and individuals holding a pro-life position. Ironic, because the first unalienable right of Americans is life, born and unborn. One can lie on an ATF Form 4475 and have the case dismissed, if your name is Hunter Biden, while others face felony conviction. Certain politicians can incite violence and spread terrorist propaganda with no ramifications, while others find themselves hauled before courts, or having their private property, such as a cell phone seized. We have rampant crime across our nation because activists, judges, and elected officials release violent criminals back onto our streets. Yet their solution is to disarm legal, law-abiding Americans.

The federal government is supposed to ensure domestic tranquility, not open our borders to military-aged males and terrorists. The result being the deaths of Americans due to drug trafficking, along with widespread human and sex trafficking. We have already mentioned the incredible increases in crime due to ideological policies of defunding law enforcement, while releasing violent criminals.

Instead of providing for our common defense, the Biden administration is focused, not on readiness, but cultural Marxist policies to divide our force. We are forcing our troops onto food stamps, as well as telling female troops to share latrine facilities with biological males. I recently posted about the situation at Ft Hood (now Cavazos), Texas, where single soldiers are going hungry because of the lack of open chow halls and dining facilities. All the while, those entering our country illegally are staying in five-star hotels and being gorged with food beyond belief. Imagine being a troop in our military, knowing that illegal immigrants are receiving more benefits than you.

“Promote the general welfare” has been turned into providing massive amounts of welfare, it is the modern-day economic plantation, being ushered in by leftists who seek control and domination. In Chicago, Mayor Brandon Johnson responded to the raging crime and exodus of retail grocery stores by advocating, promoting, government grocery stores. Leftists have actively turned more and more Americans from economic independence into economic dependence, and are seeking to do so with the millions they are illegally allowing entry into our Republic.

Lastly, we are no longer living at a time when our Blessings of Liberty are secured. The federal government, no level of government, has the enumerated power to shut down private businesses. They have no power to tell healthy Americans that they cannot venture outside their own homes. They do not possess the power to tell us what type of appliances, vehicles, or houses we must buy, purchase, and build.

If we are to restore the ability of Americans to Live Free, we must honor our Constitution and get the federal government back to its prescribed duties, especially those “active verb” responsibilities. We now have an ideological agenda that runs contrary to our fundamental perspective of individual rights, freedoms, and liberties. This is a major reason why we are facing enemies, foreign, and domestic. Yes, when you refuse to abide by our rule of law, you have made yourself and enemy of this Constitutional Republic, but more of us need read and understand the Constitution in order to have a firm grasp on that delineation.

That is why I take my position as the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union so very seriously, along with my duty to be a Guardian of this Republic.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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