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The Tenacious and the Timid


Allen West


August 15, 2023

“Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” — Roman African Playwright, Terence, 161 BC, his play Phormio.

The aforementioned Latin proverb means “Fortune Favors the Bold,” and, of course, those of you who are John Wick faithful, recall this quote from the tattoo on his back. However, this quote has a real meaning for conducting a comparative analysis between Republicans and Democrats.

If I were to write a soap opera for TV that could capture this drama, I would title it “The Tenacious and the Timid.” It cannot be debated that the progressive socialist left in America are indeed bold and audacious. They have come to the point of clearly articulating and enacting their delusional and deranged ideological agenda and dare to be challenged. Recently here in Texas, there was a piece of legislation signed into law codifying the protection of women’s sports against biological males. The ceremony was held at the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame in Denton. As the signing participants exited, they were met by a feral crowd who were so emboldened that some were spat upon.

We know Riley Gaines spoke at a university in California, and after her presentation had to flee into a room seeking protection from biological males who were assaulting her.

Recently we had a man in Utah who was shot to death by the FBI in a raid of his home. His crime? Allegedly he posted a threat to Joe Biden. Hmm, so what happens when you are Madonna, days after the presidential inauguration, and you are giving a speech where you admit thinking of blowing up the White House? Or how about Johnny Depp who “joked” about killing Donald Trump? Or what about rapper Snoop Dogg doing a video where he is pointing a gun at the head of someone dressed as Donald Trump?

Am I the only one who finds it interesting that certain Americans are locked away — with constitutional rights violated in what can only be referred to as the DC Gulag — while members of Antifa go about killing and beating people, along with destroying property? I find the recent case of journalist Andy Ngo very interesting in that the individuals responsible for beating him were found not guilty of being responsible for beating him. By the way, the defense attorney affirmed to the jury, in the courtroom, that she was Antifa and would remember the faces of the jury.

We cannot find a single Antifa member, Jane’s Revenge adherent, or even BLM leaders who are guilty of acts of “insurrection” and violence, and they admit to it. Yet, the FBI can infiltrate the Catholic Church, designate parents as domestic terrorists, and arrest pro-life advocates.

Yes, the left, as they have historically, have embraced the meaning of Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat and boldly dare anyone to stop them. And why should they not be emboldened since the supposed political opposition party cowers before them and subscribes to some disturbing Marquis of Queensberry rules of engagement? You never hear about bipartisanship, compromise, or working across the aisle when leftists are in control. In the majority they are tyrannical, and in the minority they are tenacious.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy has firmly asserted that the US Department of Homeland Security should not be fully funded due to the willful complicity of violating the Constitution, Article IV, Section 4. Of the 25 members of the Texas Congressional delegation, only 15 signed a letter with Rep. Roy. I guess the other 10 think we should continue to reward the debacle at our border with American taxpayer funds.

The left is apoplectic about the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that passed the US House of Representatives 219-210, with no bipartisan support. Because the House version did not fund the leftist ideological agenda that is undermining our military readiness. So, what happened in the US Senate? Well, Sen. Chuck Schumer funded those insidious programs, such as DEI and paying for murdering unborn babies in the womb along with gender dysphoria transition surgeries. The vote in the US Senate to pass their version of the NDAA, 86-11, just 4-5 Republicans voted against . . . a sure sign of timidity.

I do not think there can be any debate about the corruption of the Biden Crime Syndicate. Yet, Republicans are told to proceed cautiously. In comparison, the Democrats firmly stated before he was inaugurated, that they planned on impeaching Donald Trump, and they did so, twice. Once based upon a hoax of their own creation, the “Russia, Russia, Russia” lie. The second time over a phone call that sought to uncover the now-known truth about the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into the Burisma scandal.

Now, thanks to the recalcitrance and timidity of the GOP, even when they have all the evidence required, the leftists have once again displayed their boldness in appointing David Weiss as Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. Yeah, Merrick Garland has appointed the same fella who was going to allow Hunter Biden to get away with federal tax evasion and gun charges with no punishment. Thank God for the Delaware judge whose courage shined light on the collusion between the DoJ and the Hunter Biden legal team.

Therefore, with a Biden administration DoJ-appointed special counsel, the House GOP will be stymied and stonewalled going forward. The leftist media will go on the offense bombarding the House GOP Oversight Committee with charges of politicization since the Biden DoJ has appointed a special counsel to investigate . . . and we all know what the final report will be.

Fortune does indeed favor the bold. When I was serving on active duty in the Army, we were trained not to dilly dally as commanders and operations planners and to try to develop a 100 percent plan. We were taught that a 70 percent plan executed to 100 percent effectiveness and being able to block the enemy’s course of action (ya know, Sun Tzu “Art of War” tactics) would lead to victory. Our Constitutional Republic is under assault, along with our individual, rights, freedoms, and liberties.

In this current ideological conflagration, we can ill afford to have timid, weak, and reticent political opposition to the progressive socialist left. You only win on offense, and I will never forget the words of Barack Obama who stated, “Republicans can get to the back of the bus” and “never bring a knife to a gunfight.” The House GOP failed to learn the lesson of “do not allow perfection to be the enemy of good enough.” They have now lost the initiative and the window for conducting an impeachment inquiry has closed. They would now be seen as interfering with a DoJ investigation, and that is exactly the line of attack, and dismissal, that the left will use.

The left possesses a killer instinct and if the GOP has never read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” they are ill-prepared to understand how to defeat the left. They operate under a mantra of “by any means necessary” which means instilling fear, coercion, intimidation, threats, and violence. You cannot talk with people who dehumanize you and make you out to be a target to be spat upon, imprisoned in solitary confinement, disarmed, beaten, raid your home, and — without any compunction — kill you.

It is time a loyal, bold, and constitutional political opposition faces the leftists. It is time to adopt the motto of the British Special Air Service (SAS): “Who Dares, Wins.” We are at a decisive point for the future of America. When leftists like the Governor of Illinois says he will allow illegal immigrants to be law enforcement officers. When leftists tell you that your children are not your own. When leftists tell you that they control what appliances or light bulbs you can own, the quote, “Come let us reason together” is nullified.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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