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The Biggest Threat to American Blacks: Joe Biden and Progressive Leftists


Allen West


July 19, 2023

If there is one thing we have come to count on, it is Joe Biden saying really dumb things. Now, of course, the complicit leftist media will not illuminate the country on these constant faux pas, so the task falls to us all. This graduation season, Howard University invited Joe Biden to deliver their commencement address. One would think a commencement address would be uplifting, but Biden instead focused on telling the students that their biggest threat was white supremacy. It’s funny he did not mention that he eulogized a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Cyclops named Senator Robert Byrd. Oddly, now the left is trying to associate Asian-Americans with white supremacy.

Then there was the talk by Biden back in 2012, in Virginia, in front of a Black audience when Biden donned a southern accent shouting, “Unchain Wall Street…dey gon’ put y’all back in chains!” My mom would have been upset if I ever used such poor English. Unfortunately, no one reminded Biden that the only political Party that ever put Blacks in America in chains is the Democrat Party. Then, they were physical chains, today they are economic shackles, such as this folly of reparations. Who could ever forget ol’ Joe asserting to those “uppity Negroes” — who think for themselves and were not going to vote for him — “you ain’t Black.” Hmm, in any other universe that would be considered purely racist, offensive, denigrating, and condescending, but not in the progressive socialist sphere.

If you wanna take a ride on the “way back time machine,” courtesy of C-SPAN, just listen to the speeches and rhetoric from Joe Biden on his Crime Bill. Yeah, young Black men, you’re just a bunch of predators, and not the alien Arnold Schwarzenegger character, although the alien was a Black actor and had dreads…hmm?

The biggest threat to American Blacks is not the made up leftist boogeyman (Baba Yaga for us John Wick fans) of white supremacists. The biggest threat is Joe Biden and the rest of the clown car full of progressive socialist leftists. This is especially true of the new overseers on the left’s 21st-century economic plantation: Black leftists.

My dear friend Bishop EW Jackson, one of those “bad negroes” who “ain’t Black” according to Joe Biden, has an organization called Staying True to America’s National Destiny (S.T.A.N.D.). Bishop Jackson has begun tracking what he has termed the Forgotten Children, the Black and brown children who have been killed in our inner cities due to the gang violence and defunding of police since summer 2020. Sadly, the list is now up to 340, and recently, 7-year-old Kyrie Barnes was the latest victim, shot while watching a movie in his bed on July 2nd. He died from his wounds on July 7th. Many of these shootings are never solved but a little Black child is lost, and never to be mentioned by the leftists whose policies are enabling rampant crime in our inner cities.

It is shameful that Kyrie’s short life was terminated in this way after being fortunate enough to survive the leftists from terminating his life in the womb by dismemberment. We all know this is a cherished leftist policy . . . almost a deranged religion. That has been the fate for over 20 million unborn Black babies since 1973. I guess those Black lives, as well as Kyrie’s, don’t matter. Now, the left in their abject anger, is dumping millions of dollars into Ohio and Missouri seeking ballot initiatives to make murdering unborn babies by dismemberment in the womb constitutional. Doggone, the real white supremacist, Margaret Sanger must be toasting with Satan himself in hell as she watches her dream of eradicating the “human weeds and undesirables” — meaning black babies — from existence. So, let me get this right: the progressive socialist left is aligned with the genocidal policies of a white female supremacist? Nah, say it ain’t so Colonel . . .

Then there were the policies of another racist who was a Democrat Senator and then a president, Lyndon Baines Johnson. We can certainly thank his Great Society, War on Poverty nonsense for the destruction of the traditional nuclear family. BLM asserted “traditional families” were relics of white supremacy. Hey, isn’t BLM bankrupt, but, doggone, have you seen those nice mansions they have? The same Party that has relegated the Black community to an economic plantation, murdered its children, has supported the proliferation of gang violence, and destroyed their families now wants everyone to tow the burden of their new folly called reparations? I have an idea: how about the Party of slavery — the DNC — write the reparations checks? After all, they are the ones that never supported the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, yet introduced Jim Crow, poll taxes, literacy tests, lynchings, and has the record for the longest running filibuster in the US Senate against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Just think, it was a Democrat president, Woodrow Wilson, who invited the KKK into the White House to screen the racist film, “Birth of a Nation.” By the way, we have Juneteenth because a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. Blacks in Texas finally found out in June of 1865 when Black Union troops landed in Galveston. So, thanks Joe Biden for making it a national holiday to recognize when Republicans freed Blacks from the Democrats. We are fighting to keep you from putting us “back in chains.”

Finally, the progressive socialist left’s soft bigotry of low expectations, that expresses itself by saying that Blacks cannot advance by way of intellectual merit, is offensive. Leftists do make it hard since they have relegated Black kids to their failing schools. Young Black kids are not doing math, which you know, according to the leftists, math is racist, at grade level. As well, Black kids are not reading at grade level either. What is the progressive socialist leftist response to school choice, educational freedom, parental choice and rights? Well, look at North Carolina where the Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper, issued a State of Emergency because that doggone Republican legislature passed school choice. A quality education makes one a victor and is the means to the equality of opportunity in America. The left prefers American Blacks to always be victims and settle for the crumbs and pittance of equity, equality of outcomes, decided by Massa Charlie and Miss Daisy white leftists.

It is time that the American Black community breaks from the chains that undermine individual will and embraces the philosophy of Booker T. Washington, education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. It is time for Black pastors to stop being charlatans and cronies for these secular humanists. It is also time that all Constitutional Conservatives, regardless of skin color, tell the truth about the left and the Party of the Jackass. Stop allowing them to project their history of systemic racism upon us.

Bottom line: it’s time to beat down the progressive socialist left like they stole something — which they are trying to do — in stealing our rights, freedoms, and liberty. The American Black community has been the “Canary in the Coal Mine.” The record of the destruction the progressive socialist left has wrought can be entered into evidence as Exhibit A. That is why Georgia State Representative Mesha Mainor dumped da Dems and came home to the Party of Emancipation, the Republicans.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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