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Who is Controlling Your Rights?


Allen West


June 8, 2023

Constitutional conservatives must learn to delineate the goals and objectives of the progressive socialist left. We must be able to clearly show who the real “threat to democracy” is, and those who seek to undermine our Constitutional Republic. Too often we find ourselves reticent, and recalcitrant, to firmly clarify what it is these leftists embrace, and put them on defense. It is time we stop reacting and go on offense. It is time we reclaim language, terms, or references, and force them to defend who they are and what they believe . . . which, frankly, sucks!

There is a simple way to explain the philosophical chasm we face in America. Leftists have no regard for our individual constitutional rights, they only care to advance their ideological rights. Their ideological rights mean those insidious policies that truly undermine individual freedom, and mainly, it is a minority perspective. Again, let me reiterate, they will use coercion, intimidation, threats, and ultimately violence to advance those ideological beliefs.

Case in point: just last week, the Dallas City Council decided that all city government employees must address gender dysphoric, transitioning, employees by their preferred pronouns. As well, city employees must undergo training to help them to be more accommodating to employees suffering from gender dysphoria. Notice, I refer to this as the mental condition that it is, not by the selected language of the left. The Dallas City Council has decreed that any city employee not accepting a gender dysphoric employee and does not address them according to their desired pronoun will face termination. Yes, if you do not play in the delusional ideological sandbox of the left, you will lose your job. The City of Dallas goes so far as to admit that their policy does not respect any individual beliefs, religion, or other reason for not submitting to their unconstitutional decree.

In other words, the leftist Dallas City Council has said that individual constitutional rights have no standing when it comes to their ideological agenda. You have no freedom of religion, speech, expression – nothing — when it comes to leftists telling you that you will accept gender dysphoria.

Or how about the State of Washington telling parents that if you do not consent to your child’s gender dysphoria and permit them to undergo hormonal therapies, puberty blockers, and gender mutilation surgery you will lose custody of your child. As we have seen and heard Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre assert, your children are not yours. We have already witnessed the DoJ seeking to designate parents, who refuse to allow leftist indoctrination of their children, as domestic terrorists. Now the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has placed conservative parental rights groups on its “hate group” list. Never forget Terry McAuliffe stated that parents have no right to decide what their children are being taught during his Virginia gubernatorial campaign.

The progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda for your children means you have no rights to your children. Kinda reminds me of the National Socialists (Nazis) of Germany and the Hitler Youth.

The leftists worship at the altar of climate change. I guess winter, spring, summer, and fall is not good enough for them. Based upon that deranged ideological belief, you have no right to decide what type of stove, dishwasher, or car you can own. Leftists want subjugation, not individual freedom to oppose, so they will institute fascist policies to restrict your speech. But, more dangerously, they will undermine your constitutional right to keep and bear arms to defend yourself. The ATF “pistol brace” rule is yet another example of how the left, by unconstitutional action, will infringe upon your rights. Combined with unconstitutional “red flag” laws, which undermine your right to due process, the left aims to disarm millions, rendering you incapable of resistance. All this while the progressive socialist left allows millions of single military-aged illegals to enter our country, release violent criminals back onto the streets, and support a real domestic terrorist organization called Antifa.

If we are to Live Free, we must accept the reality which we face. The American Constitutional Rights Union stands for exactly that, your Constitutional Rights. This is not about political parties. This has become an ideological conflagration which has immense ramifications for our Republic. As we go forward into this 2024 election season, listen for those who speak in terms of restoring and protecting your constitutional rights. Listen for those who speak against the overt intrusion and elevation of government and ideological agendas over your individual rights, freedoms, liberties, and sovereignty.

The ACRU is here to be that guiding light . . . join us!

Steadfast and Loyal.



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