Press Release: Living in Bizarro World


ACRU Staff


May 30, 2023


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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

Living In Bizarro World

America Has Arrived at the Real-Life Planet Htrae.

Naples, FL — “If you do not want to murder unborn babies by dismemberment you deserve to be investigated by the FBI, have your church vandalized, or have your pro-life advocacy center firebombed … but you do want to murder babies in the womb right up to and after birth, well, that ain’t radical, that is just perfectly fine on the leftist planet of Htrae, known as Bizarro World,” observes ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his most recent TownHall OpEd.

“Perhaps there are those of you who remember the DC Comics venture called Bizarro World? Yes, I am dating myself. There in the Bizarro World also known as the cube-shaped planet Htrae, the society is ruled by the Bizarro Code that affirms that they must do everything in opposition to earthly things. In the Bizarro world it is a crime to basically do things the right way, to make anything perfect.”

West continues, “Just think about it: inflation and excessive government spending is considered good. Those who believe in fiscal responsibility are considered bad. Heck, you are ridiculed viciously. High energy prices are great because you should not be driving a combustion engine vehicle and high prices will force you into discarding personal freedom of individual transportation.” In Bizarro World, energy independence is bad and public bankruptcy is good.

“Yes, we have entered into an alternative universe, if it were not so serious it would be a great comic book series replete with outlandish characters. But this is not funny, and somehow, the good guys are not the evil guys. Oops, for the sake of political correctness, “guys” is a reference to both men and women. Sorry, but I do not reside in the Bizarro World of more than two genders.”


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