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The Left’s War on Women and Children


Allen West


April 19, 2023

“Give me a child for the first 5 years of his life and he will be mine forever.”

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

The aforementioned are quotes from Vladimir Lenin and they are indicative of the conflagration we face in America today in this clear and present war for the very heart and souls, as well as bodies of our children. There can no longer be any debate about the unquestionable derangement of the progressive socialist left to control — no, to own — our children.

We are witnessing the complete darkness of the left when it comes to the issue of our children. In Washington state, the leftists there have enacted a law that supports their misguided beliefs. They have advanced the notion that parents who do not “affirm” the chosen gender of their child can lose custody of their child and face charges. I do not know anyone who watches SNL anymore, but last week there was a skit where some “non-binary” character was dropped down onto the set and yelled that gender mutilation surgery on children is healthcare, and that parents are denying healthcare to children when they do not allow their bodies to be mutilated. Understand, children, meaning those under the age of 18, cannot get a tattoo.

An international legal body, supported by the United Nations, rendered a decision that adults can have “consensual sex” with children, again, those under the age of 18. The leftists are already pushing this notion of not referring to those who sexualize and desire our children as pedophiles, but have come up with new language: minor attracted persons. Just like mutilating the bodies of children is now called gender-affirming healthcare. Let’s be honest, there is no affirming gender, you are either male or female. Your DNA and chromosomes “affirm” that. What the leftists want us to believe is that body mutilation somehow changes your gender. Spoiler alert: it does not.

Gender dysphoria is a mental condition and is indicative of even deeper mental health issues. The removal of healthy body parts does nothing; it is only a temporary appeasement of a delusion, and satisfaction of the leftist ideological agenda.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way that they should go and when they grow old they shall not depart from it.” The question is, who gets to train up the child? Our society has always embraced the ideal of parental rights to raise their children. That is not the case with the leftists, Marxists, in America. As Lenin articulated, it is not about education by way of intellectual development and critical thinking skills. It is about an indoctrination into their agenda, and the erosion of parental rights and responsibilities. And sadly, this is now happening in our Department of Defense when the policy of gender mutilation without parental knowledge or consent is being implemented.

The progressive socialist left seeks to control every aspect of our lives — what we eat, what car we drive, what appliances we have, our healthcare, and now, our children.

We must protect our children from this evil, yes, I said evil. If you want a confirmation of that assertion, look no further than the shooting in Nashville at the Covenant Christian School. Three little children, all nine years of age, Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William McKinney were murdered by a 28-year-old suffering from gender dysphoria. The left cared little for these lost little lives, real victims, and hardly mentioned their names . . . and even equated their killer as a victim.

As well, we must protect women. Yes, I believe in chivalry. There was such a great fight for women’s rights in America and now we cannot even define what a woman is. What a travesty that we have a president who has stated he will veto legislation that aims to protect women’s sports. In essence, rights for real women, take a second place to the ideological pursuits of those under a delusion of being a woman. There is no chivalry in a biological male competing against women. However, in the delusional world of the progressive socialist left, women are placed upon the sacrificial altar, along with our children, for the advancement of a very disturbing agenda. Heck, the left is telling us we cannot use time-honored titles such as “mother” or “mom.” We now have “birthing persons.”

Consider the absurdity from a UCLA professor who during a Senate hearing tried to convince us that men can have babies?

An accomplished female swimmer, Riley Gaines, gets assaulted by a biological male wearing a dress?

The American Constitutional Rights Union supports parental and women’s rights. We reject the idea that the government should support the delusion that children can decide their gender. Uh, God already did that at their birth. We reject the policy of the government to undermine parental rights on this issue, along with denying parental choice and educational freedom. Man cannot change genders, and our children should not be exploited for the insidious desires of the left. There is no such thing as gender-affirming healthcare, only mutilation of the external body.

The ACRU also supports Women and will never conform to the idea that biological males can replace women. How disconcerting that Joe Biden would veto a measure to protect women’s sports or support biological males being in the same bathroom and shower facilities with women.

American women and children should be able to Live Free and not live in fear of the destructive progressive socialist leftist agenda. Join us in the fight to protect Women and Children in America. Once upon a time, when it came to rescues and saving lives, the saying was “women and children first.” Now, the left in America wants to push women and children aside and sacrifice them for their unconstitutional agenda.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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