Destroying the Rule of Law


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April 2, 2023


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Destroying the Rule of Law

Prosecute or Turn a Blind Eye? It Depends On One’s Political Ambitions

Naples, FL — “If you dislike Donald Trump that is your right to do so. However, if you dislike the rule of law that is supposed to govern these United States of America, we have a problem. The indictment of a former US President who is also a declared candidate for president is highly disconcerting, especially when one considers the nature of the so-called “charges,” observes Allen West, Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union in his latest OPED for

Selective application of the law to score political points is a real and present threat to “democracy.” West continues, “Ok, I get it, there are those who just cannot wait to see mug shots and handcuffs on a former Donald Trump. However, what if there had been mug shots and handcuffs on Bill Clinton? After all, here is someone who was a sitting president who sexually assaulted a young female intern in the Oval Office…and then lied about it. Ahh, I get it, we were told that it wasn’t about character, it was about the economy.”

In this case, the selective use of charging discretion by the District Attorney is simply appalling. West notes, “What concerns me is why is a misdemeanor being upgraded to a felony offense by a New York City DA. The same DA who downgrades felony offenses to misdemeanors and releases violent criminals back onto the streets to continue assaulting innocent citizens. Why does this same DA prosecute something that has gone past the statute of limitations his predecessor refused to pursue, along with the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice.”

There is a shockingly long list of selective use of, or on the other and equally bad end of the spectrum, blind eyes toward legal infractions.

“We have seen a president who lied about an incident that resulted in the deaths of Americans, who were abandoned to face Islamic jihadists, no big deal. The same president started a program to undermine the Second Amendment rights of Americans by flooding weapons into Mexico, Operation Fast and Furious, hint, hint not the movie. The endeavor resulted in the death of a US Border Patrol agent, Bryan Terry. Hey, no big deal, matter of fact, a soon-to-be Democrat presidential nominee asserted, “what difference does it make”. That seems to be the theme when it comes to the bifurcated system of justice in America.

And it was that same former Secretary of State, who became a Democrat presidential nominee, that concocted a Russian collusion hoax using campaign financing. Nothing happened there. The FBI agents such as Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Paige who were implicated in this fiasco, along with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, faced no punishments, zip, nada, nothing.

Today we have a president, who is a former Vice President, who has a son who is as corrupt as the days are long. A son who is guilty of a felony gun charge. A son who is linked to influence peddling with our number one geo-political foe, and it appears we have a president who has financially benefited from said illicit dealings. However, when a computer surfaced with damning evidence, it was dismissed as Russian misinformation.

Let’s stop talking about Donald J. Trump, this is not about him. This is all about the left’s destroying our rule of law.

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