Press Release: The Disturbing Religion of the Left


ACRU Staff


March 6, 2023


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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

The Leftist Religious Inquisition

Freedom Is Not Subject to The Shifting Sands of Moral Relativism

Naples, FL — “There is a reason why the very first freedom for Americans in our individual Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments, is the freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. The founding fathers were very aware of what drove the first Pilgrims to the shores of America . . . and it ain’t the insidious 1619 Project assertion.”

ACRU Executive Director Allen West continues, “The left has a very disturbing religion, and to defy them, regardless of your faith, results in persecution and potential prosecution.”

Consider recent whistleblower testimony regarding the FBI making a conscientious decision to focus on pro-life organizations rather than violent anti-life gangs like Jane’s Revenge. Also, ponder the assault on private prayer in public. The ACRU was proud to lend its support in the recent Coach Kennedy Supreme Court case.

The problem is this new religious inquisition is based not upon moral absolutes but on the shifting sands of “what feels good” at any given time. West continues, “The religion of the left is based upon what man — meaning the leftists — decide based upon their ideology.

“This disturbing religion of the left is rooted in secular humanism and moral relativism. It is the descendant belief of one Karl Marx, who despised Christianity as he believed it was the “opiate of the masses.” See, leftists do not want you to believe that there is objective truth, good and evil, right and wrong and that there is a reward in heaven. They would prefer the masses to believe that they can create an earthly utopia where everyone is happy as they decide what everyone equitably gets … the equality of outcomes.”

To Live Free in America, the very first liberty, Freedom of Religion, and the Free exercise thereof must be respected, regarded, and defended.


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