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A Primer on Ballots


Allen West


February 23, 2023

One of the things we must seek to do as constitutional conservatives is to not ramp things down after an election cycle and then try to ramp up. We need to have a steady state of engagement on the critical issues affecting our electoral system. One of the most important is to understand the difference between unsolicited mail-in ballots and absentee ballots. Sadly, we have had too many conflate the two, to our detriment. Let me give you a primary reason why we need to end the practice of unsolicited mail-in ballots.

It was back in April 2020, when the COVID issue was in full swing, the former US Attorney General under Barack Obama, Eric Holder, wrote a piece in Time magazine. The piece was titled, “Here’s How the Coronavirus Crisis Should Change US Elections–for Good.” Talk about never letting a good crisis go to waste! I read that article and there it was, the leftist plan to infiltrate and affect the 2020 election — unsolicited mail-in ballots. We had never heard of such an absurdity previously. But the progressive socialist left paid it out there for all to see, and we did not stop this before it happened.

In America, when one cannot vote in person, be it early or on election day, they must submit a request for an absentee ballot. This is a controlled process that is tracked and verified. What Holder and the left advocated for — and did — was to mail out ballots based upon voter registration rolls, which often, have not been reviewed, since the leftists scream that is racist. In 2020 as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, we learned that the Supervisor of Elections in Harris County (Houston), Chris Hollins, had planned to mail out millions of these unsolicited ballots. Harris County just happens to be the largest county in Texas. These ballots were stored at an unsecured warehouse location. We prevented it from happening, and Donald Trump won Texas, by only some 600,000 votes.

Now is the time to push for red counties in the United States to disallow unsolicited mail-in ballots, after all, elections are executed at the county level. As well, red counties must start voter registration roll review, especially since we know that some 5-7 million illegals have been allowed entry into our country. The left has made no bones about illegals getting driver’s licenses. This goes back to the Clinton era “Motor Voter Laws” and could see them registered to vote. Heck, the left has no shame and is seeking to allow illegals to vote in local and national elections. Recently, Congressman Jim Jordan stated that only Americans should be voting in American elections, to wit the normal ranting rhetorical response from the progressive socialists, Marxists, was to condemn him as racist. But, Rep. Jordan is correct, and I will back his statement 110 percent, illegals have no right to vote in our elections. And, there is no better way to enable them to do so than unsolicited mail-in ballots.

Now is the time to enact electoral policies that preserve the integrity of our elections. And, the best level of governance to seek that end is at the level that conducts elections: the county. I would suggest that you check out the 2020 presidential electoral map broken down by county and witness the huge red and light red designations. If we can isolate the blue counties and of course, block their attempts at having “ghost voters” infiltrate, we can find great success in restoring election integrity. The other great thing about the county level is that’s where you find constitutional law enforcement officers, our sheriffs. This is why County Commission and Sheriff races are so very important.

We need to realize that the initiative to implement these unsolicited mail-in ballots is a plot of the left. We must develop strategies to block their efforts, and we can certainly do so in red counties, which have jurisdiction over elections. There should be no more consent agreements with leftists and abdicating verifications such as signatures. Red counties can do voter registration roll reviews and not acquiesce to leftist ramblings about racism. Red counties should ensure that illegals are not voting in their elections. Red counties must empower their sheriffs to uphold and enforce the law.

Where the leftists are in control, they have made mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting legal. It’s time to beat them at their own game. The American Constitutional Rights Union is leading the way to block the leftist efforts at fraud in our senior living facilities and Memory Care Centers. Please check out our Center for Vulnerable Voters, start checking into the voting records of your loved ones if they are in such facilities you might be in for a surprise, as Lori Roman stated to the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

We have a saying in the military, “you only take flak when over the target.” My dad had an even better one, “A hit dog will holler.” The more the leftists scream and rant, the more you know you have hit them right on the target.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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