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The Tragic Story of George Alan Kelly


Allen West


February 16, 2023

When the Lawful Suffer Because of the Lawless . . .

Greetings, everyone. I pray that y’all had a very nice Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Sadly, I must share with you the story of one couple who were not together to share their love.

Imagine you are there on your Arizona ranch, near Nogales, located next to the border with Mexico. You have been out in the morning doing your chores and headed home to have lunch with your wife. While enjoying the moment, you hear a gunshot on your ranch property. You console your wife, give her safety instructions, then grab your rifle in order to protect your life, liberty, and property. You come out on your porch to find a group of military-aged males wearing khakis, camouflage, and carrying backpacks, and one of the individuals points an AK-47 at you. Remember, this is your property.

You have every right to engage with your firearm since hostile intent has been shown. However, you fire off warning shots instead, and the illegal immigrants flee and disperse. You immediately call local law enforcement and border patrol liaison and report the incident. Your wife verifies the story. The law enforcement officers do a cursory search of your property but find no one.

Later in the day, as the sun is setting, you venture out to reconnoiter your property and your dogs alert you. They have found the body of a male illegal immigrant lying face down, dead, with one gunshot wound. You report the incident and lead the law enforcement officers to the body.

Then you are charged with first degree, premeditated murder, and held with a $1 million dollar bond!

This is the tragic story of 73-year-old George Alan Kelly, a law abiding, legal gun-owning American citizen. A man who did nothing wrong in protecting his inalienable right to life, liberty, and property. How is it that Mr. Kelly finds himself in this position? It is because of the lawlessness of the progressive socialist left, the Biden administration, to enact an unconstitutional open borders policy. It is because there is a governor in Arizona, current and previous, who did not feel it necessary to enact their constitutional enumerated power to stop a border invasion. Now, a law abiding man sits in jail, while his wife sits in a ranch home alone, where illegal immigrants still traverse.

The illegal immigrant, found dead by Mr. Kelly, was identified as Gabriel Cuen-Butimea. He was identified due to the Mexican voter registration card in his possession. This man was not an American citizen, but a foreign national. Was Cuen-Butimea armed? No, but in his possession was a radio and he was wearing tactical boots. He was clearly operating on US territory and the property of George Alan Kelly as a scout, observer, conducting surveillance, gathering intelligence, and reporting route clearance. Oh by the way, Cuen-Butimea was in our federal government system for a history of illegal border crossings and deportations dating back to 2016 . . . seven years.

I will clearly admit that if this was me, once an AK-47 was pointed in my direction, the selection lever goes from safe to semi-automatic, and I deliver deadly accurate fire in response. But Mr. Kelly would not be in this position, along with all those law-abiding Americans who live along the border with Mexico, if the border was indeed sealed and secured, something we all know is not the case. So, Mr. Kelly is now a victim of the lawlessness of those who are sworn to protect his life, liberty, and property. Remember, we wrote about this in our missive called “What is the Law?”

To add insult to injury, GoFundMe kicked his fundraising efforts off of all their associated platforms. Only the Christian fundraising platform, GiveSendGo, is assisting in this effort to raise funds.

We are releasing illegal immigrants all over this nation. Activist DAs and judges are releasing violent criminals back onto our streets on personal recognizance bonds. Yet, George Alan Kelly sits in jail because cowards would rather see him terrorized, live in fear, and dead because their unconstitutional ideological agenda of open borders is more important. A travesty such as this is unconscionable, but it is a potential spark that will anger people to a point where they will reclaim their natural right to protect their life, liberty, and property away from a corrupt government, one that has failed them.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Alejandro Mayorkas, and every single person contributing to the open border situation in America should be the ones in jail, not George Alan Kelly. I am not a callous person, but I have no regard for Gabriel Cuen-Butimea. He was illegally in our nation, and wrongfully on Mr. Kelly’s property. Too many are witnessing the disregard and disrespect of their property. George Alan Kelly’s constitutional rights are being violated, being made subservient to a repeat felon, illegal immigrant. What is every more sad about this story is that they arrested and charged Mr. Kelly without any ballistics confirmation.

George Alan Kelly just wanted to do as the American Constitutional Rights Union motto states, “Live Free.” Who will stand up with him and denounce this injustice?

I will.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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