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A Delusional Address for a Distressed State


Allen West


February 9, 2023

Greetings, everyone. On Tuesday, before the State of the Union address, I made a social media post giving my assessment of what I believed we would hear. I compared Joe Biden to an arsonist masquerading as a volunteer firefighter. What I meant was that we witnessed a person who was responsible for setting fire to our economic, energy, national, and domestic security, who now wants us to believe that he has come to rescue us. The delusion that is required to have that position is unconscionable, yet, it was on full display the evening of my 62nd birthday. As well it came right after the Chinese Communist Party floated a spy balloon over the entire country.

It was interesting to read the reports on the SOTU speech from both political perspectives. One side addressed the false statements that were made about our economy. The other side lauded the speech and, instead of questioning the ranting and yelling, applauded it as a display of vigor and energy. It put me in remembrance of something my dad used to say, “Boy, an empty wagon makes a lot of noise.” When you are standing upon what is right and doing the right thing, there is no need for bombastic rhetoric.

You cannot take credit for bringing down inflation when you took it from 1.4 percent up to 9.1 percent; it is still at over 6 percent. You cannot praise yourself for bringing gas prices down when you took it from an average of $2.39 per gallon to over $5, and now it is at $3.50 roughly. Along with that, our strategic petroleum reserve is at a 40-year low, which goes along with the record inflation.

You cannot say we are respected on an international stage when you have led a debacle in Afghanistan, Russia has invaded a sovereign nation, and China is threatening another sovereign nation, not to mention the resurgence of Islamic jihadism. You cannot fool the American people into enjoining your delusion by telling us that our border is secure. Not when 5-6 million illegal immigrants have invaded our nation in just two years, and at least a million have done so undetected, all while we have captured some 100 on the terrorist watch list.

Americans are not safe because, in one year, we saw over 100,000 of our countrymen and women die due to a chemical called fentanyl, the number one killer of Americans 18-45. A chemical that originates in China and has killed more Americans than the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined. The scourge of human and sex trafficking is overtaking our country. The rise in violent crimes due to activist leftist DAs and judges, yet Biden affirms his desire to disarm Americans.

On top of that, Joe Biden still does not understand that America is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

Why do I repeat these things? What is the purpose of this weekly missive?

It is to arm you with constitutional truth and knowledge. It is so you can be on this ideological battlefield, stand firm, and win. I implore you to start carrying your 3×5 cards with data points and information. I want you to read Bastiat’s essay “The Law” and understand the government’s role, duty, and responsibility. Wealth redistribution ain’t one of them! The US tax code is not a weapon of mass destruction to be aimed toward those who are successful. Those are selective and punitive actions by our government, what Bastiat called legal plunder.

The American Constitutional Rights Union and Committee to Support and Defend exist for the sole purpose of protecting your constitutional rights. But first, we must inform, educate, and activate you to be able to do the same.

The summary of this week’s State of the Union address? Joe Biden is a delusional progressive socialist …  and America is distressed.

Steadfast and Loyal!



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