Graphic with photo of LTC Allen West (Ret.) and the words: "Colonel's Constitutional Brief

Constitutional Priorities, Not Ideological


Allen West


January 11, 2023

Greetings everyone. I pray your 2023 is off to a resounding start and will continue to rise in expectation and reward. I wish that I could say the same with what we have seen from the Biden administration so far. Here in Texas, we witnessed a modern-day Potemkin Village masquerade when Biden decided to conduct a drive-by at the El Paso port of entry. Anyone asserting that this was a Border tour or visit is gravely mistaken. The fact that El Paso was cleaned up and illegal immigrants were dispersed prior to Biden’s three-hour “canine and equine theater,” also known as a dog and pony show, was completely deceptive. There were no meetings with local law enforcement officials. There were no meetings with local community leaders, especially those who want border security. There were no meetings with representatives of the US Border Patrol union, and when was the last time a Democrat did not want to meet with union representatives?
The explanation is simple, Biden and the progressive socialist leftists dismiss constitutional duties, responsibilities, and priorities. Their only concern is with their ideological agenda and priorities. What is happening at our southern border is completely unconstitutional, but more so, it is purposeful and intentional.
What was even more telling was how Biden quickly zipped away from Texas and headed to Mexico for a “Three Amigos Summit.” The actual movie Three Amigos with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase was more entertaining. First of all, what was the carbon footprint for this little leftist lovefest? It appears, for what it was worth, a zoom call would have sufficed. In the end, the top priorities for this meeting were DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), climate change, and somewhere around 4th or 5th was the issue of migration… not illegal immigration. And even Mexico’s president Obrador made an off-hand comment about thanking Biden for not pursuing a border wall. As we know, the Biden administration brought a lawsuit against Arizona for erecting a border obstacle.
What has to amaze you is that nothing was resolved on tougher policies and stances against the transnational narco-criminal terrorist organizations known as the Mexican cartels. We are fighting a deliberate and well-funded insurgency against a non-state, non-uniformed belligerent which has established sanctuary and base of operations in Mexico. Where were the definitive solutions to stopping the epidemic of drug, human, and sex trafficking? Making DEI, which is a cultural Marxist agenda, a top priority for these North American nations is unconscionable, especially when over 100K Americans have been killed by a substance that originates in China — fentanyl. The American people do not need more blather about regional cooperation and trying to fight the weather. What the American people need is a focus on the preeminent constitutional duty (priority) of the federal government… keeping us safe and protecting our sovereignty.
Along those same lines, when was it the responsibility of the government to regulate, mandate, or tell us how to cook our food in our homes? This new leftist agenda to ban natural gas stoves in our homes is insidious and reflects a delusional ideological agenda.
If America is to have a good 2023 and subsequent years, it is imperative that we return to constitutional governance and prioritization. The border situation in America is dire, but yet the most important issue for leftists is more rhetoric and emphasis on cultural marxism. And thanks to what we saw happen at Thomas Jefferson HS in Fairfax County, Virginia, we have a clear understanding of what the left calls equity…equal outcomes. Diversity does not mean respect for differing thoughts, opinions, and perspectives. Nope, we have a federal government that will collude with private sector companies to squash dissenting voices by supporting censorship, undermining our constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression.  We cannot surrender our energy independence to the false gods (little “g”) and acolytes of the religion of climate change.
The American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) will stay on the battlefield to advocate for, advance, and restore our Constitutional Republic. And we want you on the team with us. Share our message, become a member, and help others to be better educated and activated. The goal of the ACRU in 2023 is to set the conditions for constitutional conservative victory in 2024. And yes, that means staying laser-focused on the issue of election integrity, protecting vulnerable voters, and ensuring the disenfranchisement of voters that occurred in Maricopa County, Arizona, never happens again.
Steadfast and Loyal.


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