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Reparations: the New Slave Wages


Allen West


December 19, 2022

Yes, I said it and I mean it wholeheartedly. Every Black History Month Blacks sing “We Shall Overcome,” but if the Black community in America continues to accept — and foolishly advocate for — a slave mentality, that is what they shall get. The progressive socialist left, aka the Democrat Party, has been highly successful in perpetuating a victim mentality for the Black community. And, in many ways, the policies of the white socialist elitists of the left are the ones that have decimated and destroyed the Black community.

Over the centuries, it has been the Democrats who have brought forth the policies of secession, slavery, segregation, and socialism . . . the dreaded Four Ss of the leftist apocalypse. In every way, these ideologies have proven detrimental to the existence of the Black community. To me, it is very comical to hear Democrats talk about Jim Crow when that is the policy they created and implemented, along with poll taxes, literacy tests, and lynchings. It was the Senate Democrats who have the record for the longest filibuster in US Senate history, against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which passed thanks to Senate Republicans led by Everett Dirksen.

The so-called Great Society programs of widely known racist and Democrat, President Lyndon Johnson proved not so great. It led to the destruction of the traditional nuclear Black family and turned American inner-city communities into new economic plantations. Today, the Black community is plagued with high unemployment, rampant fatherlessness, the genocidal murdering of our unborn babies, substandard schools, and lagging small business entrepreneurship. The new civil rights issue of this current age is school choice, but leftists, led by the Randi Weingarten teacher’s unions stand against it.

What is the remedy for these destructive leftist policies and their ramifications?

Let’s give Blacks reparations for that which we created, implemented, and continue to support. Do not forget that Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was destroyed by white Democrats.

Reparations? Yes, reparations, the new slave wages. After all, the Democrats and the new overseers on the new Black economic plantation — the Congressional Black Caucus — must continue to perpetuate the slave mentality. This ungodly cabal must promote victimization because the crop of this economic plantation is not cotton, it is the vote.

My ideological mentor is a Black man who was once a slave: Booker T. Washington. When he learned that he was free, he did not ask for reparations. No, he sought out that which breaks the chains of any bondage, that which had been denied him, an education. Washington did not ask for gold bullion, a check, cash, or anything. He wanted that which leads to the golden ring of equality of opportunity: knowledge. With his dedication to education, he was recognized and given the seemingly incredible task of establishing the first school of higher education in the south, Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute.

Booker T. Washington had a three-point agenda: education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. These are truly classical liberal and conservative principles and values. A man who was born a slave hosted an American president at his school and dined with another in the White House. He helped form the Negro Business League which spawned the first generation of Black economic growth.

Washington’s autobiography “Up from Slavery” along with Shelby Steele’s “White Guilt,” and Jason Riley’s “Please Stop Helping Us” should be mandatory reading for any imbecile advancing the idea of reparations . . . and those harboring that despicable victim mentality.

I am a proud American Black man, and that pride comes from a family of uniformed servants to this nation. My dad served in a segregated Army, but he still challenged me to be the first officer in our family. I was born in a Blacks-only hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, 61 years ago. I was raised to never be a victim, but, rather, a victor. I was raised to never see, or allow anyone else to see my color as an impediment to success and achievement. My mom taught me that self-esteem comes from doing estimable things. Somebody giving you some money for nothing ain’t gonna build up your esteem. That is the socialist economic theory tenet of creating and expanding a welfare nanny state.

In many ways, this insidious idea of reparations is just a big grown-up participation trophy. A silly gesture that is essentially worthless.

Two years ago, I wrote the book, “We Can Overcome, An American Black Conservative Manifesto.” If the Black community wants to overcome, stop being played by these white socialists, like the ones who founded the NAACP. Stop allowing deranged whites like Margaret Sanger and her legacy of killing future generations of Black babies before they are born.

Stop with this dumbass victim mentality and being told that we are still slaves. I am a slave to no man or woman. I am a damn American and my forefathers sacrificed so that I could one day write this missive to be read by countless of my countrymen and women.

And, if this upsets white progressive socialists and their radical Black lackeys . . . well, “Hooah!”

Steadfast and Loyal.

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