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The City of No Consequences


Allen West


November 30, 2022

Greetings, everyone! I pray you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. Now onto Christmas and Hanukkah . . . uh, nope, we don’t do made up celebrations like Kwanzaa. It is amazing to me that as we grow older, the faster time seems to fly by, and hard to believe we are looking at the end of the year already. There is so very much to be thankful for as we still live in the longest running Constitutional Republic that the world has ever known. And, as Benjamin Franklin asserted, “it’s a Republic, if you can keep it.”

One of the challenges in keeping this Republic is recognizing that our foundation is the rule of law, the Constitution. If we fail to abide by it, and hold accountable those who violate it, then we doom this grand experiment in self-governance to the ash heaps of history. That is exactly where we get the title quote of this missive. It comes from the one and only Greta Van Susteren when she was an evening news commentator on Fox News. What Greta realized was that the career politicians and statist bureaucrats in Washington, DC, seldom suffered any consequences for their often abhorrent behavior and violations of the rule of law.

And, there are many who wish to keep it that way.

The control of the United States House of Representatives has changed hands and already you hear the barking from the progressive socialists, and political pundits about not focusing on hearings. To wit I say, “Bah, Humbug!”

How interesting it is that the same folks who gave us countless hearings, and wasted resources, on Russian collusion, phone calls to Ukraine, and January 6th, now do not want to be held constitutionally accountable for their misdeeds and face the consequences for their actions.

Case in point, potential House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, has already stated that current Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, should resign or face impeachment. Now, to listen to the rambling, delusional rantings from MSNBC hosts, this is what they call bullying. Never mind the perjury before the American people to our elected representatives by Mayorkas, who continues to this day asserting that the American southern border is secure. Five million illegal immigrants, one million “got-aways,” and countless amounts of drugs, including the killer fentanyl, speak differently. There must be consequences for Mayorkas’ despicable lying and his implementation of Biden’s open border policies.

There are those who are warning against hearings and investigations into Hunter Biden, why? Let’s just imagine that this was Donald Trump Jr., or his brother Eric Trump, who had this dark specter hanging over their heads. And, this is not just speculation, there is hard evidence which the current DoJ and Attorney General has done everything in their power to withhold. As well, isn’t it vital to the national security and foreign policy of these United States of America to know whether or not we have a compromised president? It would kinda explain some things.

Speaking of the US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, I thought we had an incomparable politicized AG in Eric Holder, boy, was I wrong! Garland has completely turned the current DoJ, including upper ranks of the FBI, meaning Christopher Wray, into an East German Stasi-type organization. He has gone after concerned parents, declaring them domestic terrorists, while Antifa roams free. He has opened investigations into pro-life groups, while the violent organization, Jane’s Revenge, who has targeted pro-life centers goes about freely. He has gone after Americans relating to the January 6th event, hardly an insurrection, yet, BLM Inc members go untouched. And Christopher Wray has become his henchman in these schemes and shenanigans.

And, now we have the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms going after gun store dealers and Federal Firearms Licenses holders to shut them down. They are trying to label simple clerical errors on Form 4473 as intentional in purpose to sell weapons illegally. Texas has a case filed by one Michael Cargil on this matter.

Yes, we need a House GOP that will be strong, principled, and resolute in holding violators constitutionally accountable. They also need to hold tight the purse strings in reining in these federal government agencies. It is a Republic and we must fight like heck to keep it. That means there must be consequences to those who believe they are above the law, regardless of position. So, yes, these hearings are a necessity, they are part of the constitutional duty of Congress in our system of checks and balances, and also as a coequal branch of government. It is time for a message to be sent in Washington, DC.

No, Eric Swalwell should not be sitting on our House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He is ineligible to receive any type of security clearance. If Swalwell were in the military, he would fail a background check and be denied any level of clearance. So, why does someone who literally, not just figuratively, sleeps with the enemy deserve to have access to our national security and foreign policy classified information?

No, progressive socialist leftists, you do not get to disregard our Constitution and do as you will. We do not live under the maxim of “rules for thee, but not for me.” Time to own up to your unconstitutional actions and suffer the consequences.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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