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The Constitutional Case for Impeaching Joe Biden


Allen West


October 26, 2022

When Thomas Jefferson wrote our Declaration of Independence, it was a document that summarized the list of grievances of the 13 colonies and why a separation from England was justified. Jefferson did an exceptional job of detailing each grievance and usurpation in establishing the case for American independence. America is a constitutional Republic and we must adhere to our rule of law . . . each one of us. If there are obvious and lucid instances of violations of our Constitution, there must be consequences. If there are none, then we will descend into the abyss of being a rudderless ship with no anchor.

Therefore, we must discuss — from a purely constitutional perspective, not a political one — the case against Joe Biden. This is not about phone calls or collusion hoaxes, but we have some serious issues that are affecting the lives of the American people.

Just recently the Heritage Foundation released its 2023 Index of Military Strength, and what was revealed should send chills down the backs of all Americans. The preamble of the US Constitution tasks the federal government with “providing for the common defense.” The objective analysis of the Heritage Foundation report evidences that our US military is at one of its weakest readiness postures. It was determined that our military is not capable of deploying to contend with two Major Regional Contingencies (MRCs). As a matter of fact, it is not prepared to deploy for even one of them. We also know that recruiting and retention of our military is at a record low point. At the same time the Biden administration is discharging tens of thousands of troops over the unconstitutional, and unethical, COVID shot mandate.

Consider this: Joe Biden, as Commander-in-Chief, is assuredly, perhaps intentionally, undermining the readiness, capability, and capacity of our military, our armed forces. Commander-in-Chief is a primary duty and responsibility for the office of the President, under Article II of the Constitution. A willful neglect of that duty places the national security posture of our nation at risk. China now has a larger naval force than America.

Along the same lines, the ill-advised withdrawal from Afghanistan — a decision Biden admitted to making unilaterally — is a clear dereliction of duty. In that dereliction of duty, 13 American troops, Marines, sailors, and soldiers, lost their lives when unnecessarily exposed to a terrorist threat. What are the consequences for making a unilateral decision as Commander-in-Chief that results, directly, in the loss of life for American troops? As well, 18 US Code Chapter 113B (Terrorism) has two sub-chapters: .2339A (Providing Material Support to Terrorists) and .2339B (Providing Material Support or Resources to designated foreign Terrorist Organizations). It is no stretch of the imagination that the Taliban is a designated terrorist organization. Biden’s unilateral decision in Afghanistan resulted in some $80 billion of US military equipment being left for the Taliban . . . certainly that is providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Not to mention, why is the Biden administration engaging with the top state sponsor of global Islamic terrorism/jihadism, Iran, on resuming the nuclear agreement? At a time when Iran is deploying drones and troops to Crimea to support Russia, it makes no sense. But again, this undermines our national security, a constitutional impeachable offense.

But perhaps there is no greater constitutional case for Biden’s impeachment than his purposeful and intentional open borders ideological agenda, policy. Since Joe Biden took office we have had some 3.5 million illegal immigrants enter our Country. On top of that we have nearly 1 million additional who are designated as “got-aways” for whom we have no location data. In relation to our degraded military capacity, that number for got-aways is greater than our current active duty US Army and US Marine Corps end strength.

The constitution of the United States clearly articulates the federal government duty and responsibility when it comes to protecting our border, our sovereignty. In Article IV, Section 4, known as the Guarantee Clause the task of protecting States from invasion is specifically enumerated . . . just as matters of immigration and naturalization falls under the purview of the Legislative branch in Article I. What has Biden allowed?

Fentanyl, which comes from China, is the number one killer of Americans 18-45. In the Biden administration we have suffered over 100,000 fentanyl deaths of Americans . . . a number greater than the loss of lives in the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined. With Halloween just next week, parents are fearful of fentanyl poisoning of their children. The level of human trafficking by the Biden administration is criminal, yet no investigation from the Department of Justice is forthcoming. The resulting deaths of Americans from fentanyl and crime by illegal immigrants lies in the hands of Joe Biden. Basically, China, with coordination with the Mexican narco-criminal terrorist organizations, are importing a deadly drug to poison and kill Americans . . . and they are aided by the open borders policy of Joe Biden.

This is why the American Constitutional Rights Union has the Committee to Support and Defend, America’s constitutional conservative veterans organization. We support and defend the Constitution and believe anyone violating it must be held accountable, especially when American lives are being lost. Yes, this is an issue that must be discussed, and resolved. If our rule of law is meaningless, then the consent of the governed is replaced by the rule of tyranny . . . which is why Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and Madison ensured we had a Republican form of government to preclude such usurpations.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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