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The Collapsing Pillars of American Security


Allen West


October 10, 2022

The foundation of the longest-running Constitutional Republic that the world has ever known is rooted in our rule of law, the American Constitution. Sadly, we are witnessing a complete and utter decimation of our Constitution. Beyond the fact that it is not taught to younger generations, it is dismissed by elected officials, and adults have no cognitive knowledge of it. This is the reason we find ourselves in this clear and present crisis of existence.

The progressive socialist leftists are now parading about demonizing people as “threats to democracy” without realizing that America is a republic with an electoral system based upon a representative democracy, not a pure democracy. A pure democracy lends itself to tyranny; then again, that is perhaps the end goal of these American Marxists. Therefore, when denigrated as a threat to democracy, you are being hailed as a threat to tyranny.

It is not only our foundation that is being assailed but the pillars of our Parthenon, which is not only in Athens, Greece, but there is also a replica in Nashville, Tennessee’s Centennial Park. I guess I am a blessed fella to have seen both in person. What is amazing is that there are still pillars that stand supporting the Parthenon in Athens.

As well, several pillars enable the security of our nation. Sadly, these pillars are being purposefully destroyed, and future generations may not remember the greatness of American security.

The first pillar of American security is the economy–our free-market economic system. A system that has been the envy of the world. It has enabled this nation, only 246 years old, to be a leader in entrepreneurship, innovation, and personal ambition. Yes, I know detractors will say that our economy is doing just fine. I beg to differ. At the time of my birth, 1961, the U.S. debt was $289 billion. Fifty years later, when I was a member of Congress, the debt was $14.8 trillion. Now, just a decade after my term in Congress, the U.S. national debt has eclipsed $31 trillion. The debt-to-GDP ratio has gone from 52 percent to 95 percent to 123 percent in the same period. Government spending, as part of our GDP, is nearly 25 percent. I know that some like to quote the monthly job numbers, but even there our labor participation rate is falling. And let’s not forget the inflation rate that, in the past 18-20 months, has gone from 1.6 percent to a high of 9.1 percent, and remains at a 40-year high at 8.5 percent, with core inflation (food and energy) at an alarming rate. The economic pillar of America is under siege as if there are those intentionally taking a hammer to its base.

The second pillar of American security is energy. Why do we find ourselves in such an abysmal economic security posture? It is simple–in his first week in office, Joe Biden decided to take a hammer to the base of our energy security pillar. America was energy independent, and we had achieved something that no previous president from Nixon forward had accomplished: a net exporter of energy resources. We were the top dogs. Then came the leftist green sledgehammer, and to their credit, they are telling us that we are in a transition . . . one that will cause pain. That pain is found at the pump, as the new Marxists seek to punish Americans and our oil and natural gas industry, forcing us to buy electric vehicles. This is such an absurd stance that even California’s king of delusion, Gavin Newsom, announced a plan to eradicate the existence of gas-powered vehicles, then told Californians to not power their EVs because that would cause the electric grid to fail.

Since we are not producing, consuming, or exporting our energy resources, Joe Biden is on the global OPEC+ begging tour. And we have the response from OPEC+; they are cutting oil production by 2 million barrels a day. So, what does Joe do? He then drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) – at its lowest level since 1984 — to cover his failed energy security policy. I believe the leftists want to empty our SPR to force us into EVs. After all, this is about inflicting pain.

That leads to the third pillar is our national security. If you have not realized it yet, energy security is the critical linchpin between economic and national security. A nation that cannot power itself is a nation at risk. If you do not believe me, take a look at what is happening in Europe. As we decimate our energy security pillar, we also undermine our national security pillar, while we prop up dictators and despots. How embarrassing that America would beg the nation that produced the 9-11 terrorists for oil production, instead of calling up Midland, Texas. How disconcerting that America, under Biden, is going to a brutal socialist dictator, Nicolas Maduro, begging him to increase oil production to sell to us. How unconscionable is it that we would take from our SPR and sell it to China?

The fourth pillar of American security is the border. Consider this: if you want to talk about an impeachable offense, implementing an unconstitutional open border policy is certainly a high crime and misdemeanor. The country we are selling our SPR oil to, China, is shipping deadly fentanyl to the transnational narco-criminal terrorists referred to as the cartels, who refine, manufacture, and ship across the border. Under the Biden administration, more Americans have been killed because of fentanyl than the combined losses of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Nicolas Maduro is repeating the escapades of Fidel Castro during the Carter administration by emptying his jails and prisons and setting these military-aged single males toward our southern border.

Internationally, we are becoming the haven for human and sex trafficking. In case you have not been paying attention, just last week, a Guatemalan illegal immigrant went on a stabbing spree in Las Vegas and two Americans were killed. Never forget that there are some estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants — “got aways” — roaming about our country. That number is greater than our active-duty U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps.

The fifth and final pillar of American security is domestic rule of law. It is not just that we have illegal immigrants out and about killing Americans. It is not that we have fentanyl, human, and sex trafficking epidemic, crises that adversely affect our domestic security. We have attorney generals and activist judges who are releasing violent criminals onto our streets. There are real domestic security threats such as Antifa who roam about freely. When was the last time we heard of an Antifa leader whose home was raided by the FBI? Or was arrested? Heck, Kamala Harris worked to raise bail funds to have violent protesters released from jail. Businesses are being looted, which goes back to our economic security.

What is the point?

This midterm election comes down to restoring these five pillars of American security. It cannot be debated or dismissed that the progressive socialist left – aka the Democrat Party — has wrought this devastation, purposefully, upon the American people.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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