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Constitutional Liberty is Essential


Allen West


September 22, 2022

“Those who would surrender essential liberty for temporary security will, in the end, deserve neither liberty nor security.” — Benjamin Franklin

This past Sunday, on CBS’s 60 Minutes, Joe Biden asserted that the pandemic is over. I kinda think he is late to the game when it comes to common sense on this issue. In the aftermath, we must never forget the abject havoc forced upon the American people; all over a virus that had a 99.5 percent, or higher, recovery rate. Was COVID a serious medical threat? Of course. But when we are objective and assess the statistics, those who suffered from very specific comorbidities —  such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart issues — were the ones most vulnerable to COVID. How interesting it was that Dr. Deborah Birx recently admitted that they knew the COVID shot would not prevent COVID infection.

How many Americans lost their jobs, livelihoods, and businesses over the government usurpation of individual rights, freedoms, and liberties? When was it constitutional for the government to decide who and what is essential in America?

Sadly, here in the state of Texas, Governor Abbott decided to extend the emergency COVID declaration for another month. Yep, here we are in the Lone Star State and since March 2020 we have been under an unconstitutional mandate from the Governor of Texas. We have been under an executive order for over 920 days; an order that is in violation of the Texas state constitution. The Texas constitution clearly articulates that the Governor, the executive, has 30-days of emergency declarative authority. After that period, the enumerated power is with the state legislative body to determine the state of emergency. This goes back to the fundamental premise of our constitutional Republic called checks and balances. We do not live in a constitutional monarchy. Heck, last week even the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul ended their COVID emergency declaration, as have some 35 other states.

It is imperative that we realize that no emergency authorizes the suspension of our constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties. We must adhere to our rule of law in every situation. Constitutional rights cannot be replaced by ideological rights or ideological agendas that seek to wrongfully elevate government power.

Being an American citizen comes with a high degree of responsibility. If “We the People” tend to surrender that responsibility, then we will become subjects — serfs — and find ourselves on the perilous “Road to Serfdom.” I think there was a book written with that title. Perhaps we should all read that instead of Oprah Winfrey’s book club recommendations.

Here at the American Constitutional Rights Union, we understand constitutional rights. Heck, that is part of our name. We do not subscribe to the dangerous notion that “no amendment to the constitution is absolute, ” as infamously asserted by Joe Biden. We believe in the three branches of government and that they must be obedient to their designated, specified, and enumerated constitutional powers. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of these United States specifies the 17 duties, responsibilities, jurisdictions, and purview of the federal government. Last time I checked, I did not see anything about extending emergency powers, shutting down businesses, or relieving college student loan debt. As we who comprehend civics know, the Constitution is a  document that restrains governmental powers. Those powers not specifically designated to the federal government are reserved to the States, and to the people.

Our government’s appetite for power and control over our lives must be rejected. That means we cannot be so apathetic that we allow edicts, orders, mandates, and decrees — in any circumstance — to undermine our God-given unalienable rights. Nor can we allow ideological agendas to substitute those rights with insidious endeavors elevating gender dysphoric recognition over common sense and science.

We are now entering into the final throes of this midterm election season. Ask the candidates seeking your vote which rights are most vital: ideological rights, or constitutional ones? Ask them if they believe that an emergency suspends constitutional rights? Ask them if they agree with edicts, orders, mandates and decrees as a means to rule, not govern, the American people? And, be savvy enough to have already checked their voting record and actions to separate truth from rhetoric. The future of our Constitutional Republic depends upon you, and being a citizen, not a subject.

As the Greek philosopher Plato so aptly asserted, “One of the penalties for those who refuse to participate in politics is that they shall be governed by their inferiors.” Now, tell me that ain’t da doggone truth! That ol’ Plato fella must have been from southern Greece, because we southerners operate with real common sense.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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