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The Constitutional Lessons Learned from the 2020 Elections


Allen West


September 12, 2022

After any training event in the military, or even in combat, you conduct what is called an AAR (After Action Review). The purpose is to assess the positives and negatives of the evolution just encountered. Especially in combat, this is necessary because the victor on the battlefield is the one who can improvise, adapt, and overcome. As we say, “no plan survives first contact” and “the enemy always has a vote.” Therefore, as we are less than 60 days from the 2022 midterm elections, I think it is critical to reassess the constitutional lessons learned from two years ago. It is not my intent or desire to talk about who won, voting machines, and allegations the elections were stolen. I want to address that which we objectively know is true.

First, from a constitutional perspective, we need to never allow anyone, elected or not, to believe that a so-called emergency suspends the rule of law. As well, a virus with a 99.5 percent recovery rate is not exactly what one would classify as an emergency; then again, as Rahm Emanuel aptly asserted, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The only people, according to our rule of law, who can make or amend laws are those in our respective legislative branches. However, in 2020 we saw many seize emergency powers, unconstitutionally in most cases, and alter respective election laws. These people were governors, judges, and some secretaries of state. Sadly, even in my home state of Texas early voting was unconstitutionally extended an additional week by the governor who had far exceeded his 30-day “emergency” powers. There were other states where these unconstitutional actions occurred, such as Georgia, where a secretary of state entered into a consent agreement with a political activist to reference signatures on mail in ballots. In Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona there were questionable actions taken that affected standing election law . . . all without legislative involvement. This cannot ever be allowed to happen again in our constitutional Republic.

Speaking of mail in ballots, it was Eric Holder who wrote an op-ed piece for TIME magazine in April 2020 titled, “How Coronavirus Should Permanently Change Elections in America”…ya know, more of that fundamental transformation garbage. Holder, who was head of the National Democrat Redistricting Committee, held a thesis that due to COVID, unsolicited mail-in ballots should be the standard.

Talk about a real lesson learned about the introduction of nefarious voting activities. I think we came to find out that ballots were being mailed to some very suspect addresses. Two years ago, we got seriously confused about what is an absentee ballot, as opposed to unsolicited mail-in ballots, and the infamous drop boxes.

I will admit to being a voting traditionalist. I believe that our national elections should be a holiday. I am not keen on early voting where the rules are often different than those on Election Day. If you are not in country or near your polling location, then you submit an absentee ballot, which is a controlled item. The fact that ballots were freely mailed out to questionable locations last cycle is disconcerting, and it is practice that must not be allowed to continue. Having served in the military I am very knowledgeable about absentee ballots, and folks, we have problems there.

The inconsistencies in mailing out absentee ballots to our Armed Forces must stop. There were states, such as Pennsylvania, where ballots were allowed to just keep coming in well after the election. Yet, our military still continues to have their ballots spoiled. Too often military ballots are mailed out late, in some cases, purposefully. It is imperative that we protect our military voters as they are deployed serving and protecting our freedoms, way of life, and on occasion, affording others the ability to vote. This is an important issue for the American Constitutional Rights Union. We began our Protect Military Votes Project in 2020.

Another demographic that must be protected when it comes to absentee ballots are our senior citizens. There are many stories of abuse of seniors and the infamous ballot harvesting in senior living centers. The stories that we receive at the American Constitutional Rights Union are very disturbing. It is imperative that we ensure ballots are not being ghosted and filled out by others. Family members, this is a huge responsibility and you must step up and protect your loved ones in their golden years and you can find tools to help protect your family at our Protect Vulnerable Voters website. 

If you have not noticed (apparently the White House press secretary has not) we have an issue with 3-4 million illegal immigrants who have entered the United States under the Biden regime. First, this is totally unconstitutional. Second, be advised of the progressive socialist left’s attempts to have them vote. That latter position has already been tried by NYC Mayor Eric Adams, and the State of California for local elections. Folks, I have to show a picture ID to board a plane; funny, illegals do not, they can show their arrest warrants. We need to be very aware of illegals being used to vote in this upcoming election . . . hence no more unsolicited mail-in ballots. If showing a valid photo ID is racist, then every doggone airline in America is racist. Heck, so are all the hotels who ask for picture ID.

Lastly, no more Mark Zuckerberg, or any other leftist elitist oligarch intervention into our electoral process. This fella directly gave more money to the Harris County supervisor of elections office than they are budgeted back in 2020 . . . why? Oh, by the way, Harris County is the largest county in Texas, top five in the country.

Before any military battle you send your scouts out first to gather intel and information about the enemy’s deployment. We need to have a dedicated force of poll watchers and workers who will not be pushed around and told to leave their assigned post by partisan election workers. Truly, if you see something, say something, and we must have a system of reporting questionable, illegal, or criminal activities. The ACRU has developed a hotline (888-820-VOTE) and will assist in tracking and reporting these actions to the proper authorities.

Never forget the quote that many attribute to Josef Stalin, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” That is how Marxists roll, but if we heed the lessons learned from the 2020 election . . . we won’t be fooled again.

Steadfast and Loyal.

This article originally appeared on Townhall.



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