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The Curious Case of Jose Alba


Allen West


July 12, 2022

If you have not been paying attention, the story of one Jose Alba out of New York City should concern you. Alba is a 61-year-old man — as am I — and bodega store worker who was violently assaulted by a man with a criminal record. The assailant had been released, begging the question: why was a criminal released back onto the streets? It’s simple: it is a result of the insidious bail reform laws that we are seeing enacted across the country by leftists. This criminal was caught on videotape assaulting Alba who had retreated into his operating space. The point came in the physical assault where Alba finally drew a knife and killed the assailant.

This would seem to be an easily discerned case of self-defense, but not when you have a progressive socialist District Attorney in NYC, Alvin Bragg. Jose Alba was charged with murder, given a high bail (guess that bail reform thing didn’t apply to him), and ended up spending a few nights in jail. Alba has since been released from jail, having met bond, but still faces the murder charges.

This is the upside-down, lawless, chaotic, unconstitutional world the left has unleashed upon America. It is planned, intentional, and purposeful. If you go back to 2018, you will find a certain George Soros becoming very engaged in local District Attorney races. Here in Texas we have seen the DAs in our major urban centers, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, installed with the assistance of Soros funding. Likewise, we have seen the same in places such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. The good thing is that the people are awakening to this nightmare and taking action — such as the San Francisco DA being recalled.

We just finished celebrating our 246th American Independence Day. In the Declaration of Independence, our first unalienable right, endowed to us by our Creator God, is life. The recent Dobbs case, and the Alba case, evidence that the left in America is against unborn and born life. Sadly the progressive socialist left does not believe that the lives of unborn babies should be protected, against a very barbaric and heinous procedure. As well, the left does not believe that we the people have a right to protect our lives from criminals. Babies in the womb can’t fight back, they’re helpless, the left is punishing Alba because he did fight back. One would think that Jose Alba should certainly have the right to concealed carry, Governor Hochul of New York does not think so. Thank God he had a knife nearby, which in this case was a weapon that protected him from an assault.

Life is precious, all life, and our Constitution, when properly interpreted, along with our Declaration of Independence, which invokes the laws of nature and nature’s God, clearly articulate such.

Life is not precious to progressive socialists, statists, Marxists, and communists. That is why hundreds of millions have lost their lives under such governing regimes. And, they are trying the same failed philosophy of governance, creed of ignorance, here in our America.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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