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Election Integrity


Allen West


June 14, 2022

One of the most cherished privileges we have in our Constitutional Republic is to cast a vote for a person to be our elected representative. America is the longest running constitutional Republic that the world has ever known. The primary reason is because we have striven to be a more perfect Union, one that ensured the right to vote for all American citizens. We also could pride ourselves in having free and fair elections.

Much of that has changed.

We can have debates about the issue of election integrity but one thing rings true: only the legislative branch has the enumerated power to change, amend, or make law . . . and that pertains to election law as well. In the 2020 election cycle we witnessed some rather disturbing, and unconstitutional actions, governors, secretaries of State, and judges took it upon themselves to change election law. And, let us be very clear: no “pandemic” suspends the rule of law in America, our Constitution. We saw in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Texas members of the executive and judicial branches claiming unlawful constitutional powers to change election law.
As well, we witnessed the very nefarious action of unsolicited mail-out ballots along with ballot harvesting. Probably the most egregious action that took place during the 2020 election was the exploitation of our most vulnerable voters, seniors, the elderly, those in assisted living.

This is why the American Constitutional Rights Union has launched several initiatives. First, we are seeking out, recruiting, and encouraging more veterans and patriots to become poll watchers and workers. You can do so by going to our Committee to Support and Defend website, click on your state, and learn what is required to become a poll watcher. In the military, any operation relied upon good intel, and that came from having your “Scouts Out,” the eyes and ears which enabled success. We need Constitutional Election Scouts to be out front, eyes and ears, in order to preserve the integrity of our coming election.

As well, we have our Vulnerable Voter program, which is focused on protecting our seniors, who in some cases were refused care and sustenance. We have evidence of such heinous actions in several battleground states with large senior populations. We have established a hotline for individuals to report any concerning actions, including ballot harvesting at Assisted Living centers.

Lastly, we need to ensure that the purposeful and intentional invasion of illegal immigrants does not result in an undermining of our elections. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do understand motive and intent. The progressive socialist left wants to obtain and sustain their hold on power in America. Their incessant policy failures that can only come to fruition by the means of voter fraud. We know that these Machiavellians justify their means that enable their ends.

I humbly beseech you to join with us at the ACRU and protect this Republic, defend the ballot box. And, help us guarantee that those who support and defend this great nation are not the victims of illegal voting activity, for some reason leftists do not want our military votes to count.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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