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Politicizing Tragedy: The Bent of the Left


Allen West


May 17, 2022

If there is one thing I despise, it is hypocrisy. Another thing is to use tragedy for the cheap scoring of political and ideological agenda points. However, when it comes to the progressive socialist left, and their ends, the philosophy of Rahm Emanuel rings true: “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

We all agree what happened in Buffalo with the grocery store shooting was horrific, tragic, and despicable. Then again, so was the 2021 grocery store shooting in Boulder, Colorado, except that shooting received no attention once the assailant was found to be a Syrian. And that individual was on the law enforcement radar screen. And that was the same thing in the case of the Buffalo shooter who had been apprehended by police due to his threats against fellow white classmates at his high school. He was released after a mental evaluation and there was no follow up. The same was the case with the mass shooter, Nicolas Cruz, who killed fellow classmates at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Florida, part of the congressional district that I once was honored to represent. Cruz had some 21 call outs to his home, and was known to levy threats against school mates, but due to failures, he was never held accountable.

I am disgusted by the left’s leveraging certain tragedies for the advancement of the racist narrative, and to undermine our Second Amendment rights.

Just last week here in Dallas, a Black male, dressed in black, with a semi-automatic rifle entered into a Korean hair salon and shot three Koreans. The Dallas PD said they would not investigate this as a hate crime. We will never forget the BLM supporter who shot and killed five Dallas law enforcement officers, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear helmet decals in honor of those five, white, fallen officers.

Where was the left’s outrage over the recent NYC subway shooting and the fact that the assailant had a long history of racist screeds on social media? Why didn’t Joe Biden visit? Where was the use of racism as an impetus? Or, how about the BLM supporter who was upset over the result of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and used his vehicle to mow down innocent civilians in a Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing six, including an 8 year old, and wounding 60? He was described as just being a driver, motorist.

The leftists in America will stoke any ember to create the fire of racial unrest a la George Floyd. Yet these elite white progressives and their Black accomplices are the real and true purveyors of systemic racism. Ask yourselves how many Blacks were shot, killed, this past weekend in major urban centers, run by Democrats.

What happened in Buffalo was horrendous. But the politicized exploitation and hypocrisy of the left is just as horrible.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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