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Allen West


May 10, 2022

There is so much happening in our country at this time, where do I start? I want to take the time to address two prevalent issues. First, regarding the targeting Supreme Court Justices, I find it unconscionable that we have descended into such mobocracy in America. It is a violation of US Code, meaning law/statute, to threaten judicial officials in their place of residence. The fact that we have justices in our highest court fleeing their homes is reflective of something in a Banana Republic. However, this has been the focus of the progressive socialist left, to disregard the rule of law and our legislative process and use courts to implement their ideological agenda. Courts do not make law, they make rulings, interpreting our law, that is their constitutional duty.

As it is with leftists, the left in America believe that their agenda should be implemented by judicial fiat, by way of judicial activists. This is why the left does not believe in the three branches of government, but rather the three branches of rule: media, academia, and the courts. And, folks, they have done a doggone bang-up job overtaking these entities to push their goal: the fundamental transformation of America.
If we no longer respect the three branches of government, and their respective duties and enumerated powers, especially the representative democracy of our legislative process, we doom this constitutional Republic. The result will be the rule of the mob, as opposed to the consent of the governed.

Secondly, we are all concerned about the situation in Ukraine. And, the United States did sign onto the 1994 Budapest Memorandum agreeing to protect Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus from invasion for surrendering their nuclear weapons. However, as we send more, as in $30 billion, in financial support to Ukraine, our own border is left totally unsecured, wide open. Article IV, Section 4 of our US Constitution is called the “guarantee clause.” It states that the federal government has the duty, to guarantee, every state in the union a Republican form of government and protect them from invasion. When you have millions flowing across your border, many undetected, called “get-aways,” you have an invasion.

When you have a foreign country, China, shipping a dangerous drug, fentanyl, to trans-national narco-terrorists, cartels, who then facilitate this drug crossing our border this should be a preeminent focus. The statistics are damning, over 100,000 Americans dying of drug overdoses last year, and the #1 killer of Americans 18-45, is fentanyl. Let’s be honest, the current presidential administration is in violation of the Constitution . . . Worse, they are aiding and abetting drug, human, and sex trafficking.

The ideological agenda of the progressive socialist left supports killing American babies in the womb, and killing Americans via drug overdoses. If we do not restore our regard for the rule of law, our Constitution, our future is in question.

Join us at the American Constitutional Rights Union in this fight for the longest-running Constitutional Republic the world has ever known . . . this moment will define us as principled citizens, or subjects.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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