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Media Availability: Allen West — Unity? No, the Left Wants Conformity


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April 6, 2022

** Media Availability **


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Media Availability: Lt. Col. Allen West and Lori Roman, President, ACRU

Unity? No, the Left Wants Conformity

Naples, FL — In a new OPED for American Constitutional Rights Union, Executive Director Lt. Col. Allen West writes, “Recall the theme of Joe Biden’s presidential address, ‘Unity.’ Well, that was a bunch of bovine excrement, as we would say here in Texas. The real theme of Biden’s speech and the mantra of the progressive socialist left is “conformity.”

The concept of ‘unity,’ as demonstrated by this administration, really refers to conforming to, and supporting leftist ideology. This perverted definition of ‘unity’ flaunts its boundless hypocrisy by establishing steep penalties for non-conformist behavior. Simply stated, you will be disparaged, denigrated, demeaned, arrested, targeted, and unconstitutionally detained if you don’t conform.

“Last week was a very clear indicator that if you decide to not allow progressive socialist leftists to indoctrinate your children’s sexuality, they will attack. In Florida, a very common-sense bill supported by parents was passed by the state legislature. The bill protects kindergarteners to third graders from being taught about sexuality in public schools. The left tried to sabotage the bill by saying it outlawed the word “gay” in public schools. The law has nothing to do with not saying the word ‘gay.’ And to have the mindless lemmings hosting the Oscars and the media touting such folly indicates the level of nefarious and malicious tactics the left will employ.”

West continues, “The left wants your children to be indoctrinated into progressive socialism, secular humanism, and the ideologies of cultural Marxism. If you dare to not conform, you might be designated as a domestic terrorist. As we saw in the Round Rock Texas Independent School District, two fathers were arrested at night in their homes after speaking out at their School Board meeting.”

Unity? What a joke.


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