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ACRU calls on Pennsylvania to Protect Military Votes in the Presidential Election


ACRU Staff


November 7, 2020


CONTACT: Lori Roman, President 877-730-2278

Naples, FL— The American Constitutional Rights Union calls upon the State of Pennsylvania to demonstrate their honor and respect for the U.S. Armed Services by ensuring that they adhere to the deadlines set by the state which guarantees that Pennsylvania servicemen and women will have their ballots counted if received by November 10, 2020 at 5pm EST. Https://

Earlier this year, the FBI investigated the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections mishandling of military ballots. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania issued a statement on September 24, 2020 demanding they promptly correct the ballot tampering uncovered by the FBI. A full statement from the Department of Justice can be found here:

As a result of the FBI investigation, ACRU is placing the State of Pennsylvania on notice that ACRU is scrutinizing Pennsylvania’s handling of military ballots. ACRU believes military ballots may be at particular risk in Pennsylvania given previous lapses in election protocol and procedures. “Pennsylvania’s brave servicemen and women deserve to have their ballots properly handled and counted in this important election,” said Lori Roman, ACRU President. “The ability to vote in free and fair elections is one of the basic freedoms our military helps protect. It is our job to ensure their votes are counted.”

“Given the number of ballots that have been located and uncovered in this election, ACRU is hopeful that the State of Pennsylvania will adhere to their own deadline and continue to count military ballots until the deadline that was communicated to our military. We are additionally hopeful this counting will take place under bi-partisan observation and scrutiny. Pennsylvania must work to regain our trust. We also encourage use of our hotline to report possible fraud by any citizen who has concerns of vote fraud, mishandling or suppression,” added Roman.

Protect Military Votes is a project of the American Constitutional Rights Union, a non-partisan, non-profit public policy organization dedicated to defending the constitutionally-protected civil rights of all Americans.



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